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Large, geographically diverse financial institutions have a discrete set of challenges that require a deep understanding of the landscape – from a business, regulatory and risk perspective.

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Join us for this exciting event with two insightful presentations: Title: Apache Kafka Abstract: Apache Kafka is the popular message broker system developed and open sourced by Linkedin.

Paul has extensive R&D and industry experience in distributed systems, technology innovation, software architecture and engineering, software performance and scalability, grid and cloud computing, and data analytics and machine learning (UNSW, CSIRO, UCL/UK, NICTA, and founder/CTO of a NICTA tech startup).

This talk will explore a new generation of open source tools trying to address the above challenges including natural language interfaces, Sql interfaces and rules engines.

The talk will also analyse how the combination of these tools with Big Data technologies could help to address some of the biggest challenges in cyber security including the automatic response to cyber incidents and maintaining continuous compliance.

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