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Through strategic partnerships with and ownership stakes in leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain companies, Ideanomics is bringing transparency, efficiency, cost savings and new ownership paradigms to various markets including finance, commodities/energy, vertical industry/supply chain and consumer.

French Lender Societe Generale Issues $112 Million Bond on Ethereum

UPDATE (April 23, 20:45 UTC): This article has been updated to note that Societe Generale issued the bonds to itself, and to include other details from a rating agency report.

Announced today, a subsidiary called Societe Generale SFH used the OFH token (obligations de financement de l’habitat, or home financing obligations) to represent 100 million euros of covered bonds, a type of security that is backed by specific assets but remains on the issuer’s balance sheet.

The bond has a five-year maturity with a 12-month extension period, Moody’s said.  It is pari passu (“on equal footing”) with other covered bonds of the issuer, meaning if the company were to fail, whoever held the tokens at that time would be repaid the same fractional amounts at the same time as regular bondholders, the report said.

the firm said in a press release, adding: “Many areas of added value are predicted, among which, product scalability and reduced time to market, computer code automation structuring, thus better transparency, faster transferability and settlement.

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HSBC Artificial Intelligence

Interacting with an avatar on the HSBC Internet Banking web site.

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Samsung Electronics opens artificial intelligence research center in Montreal

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