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Information Technology and Ethics

A definition of Ethics is 'moral principles that govern a person or group's behavior'.

As the integration of these cyber based technologies continues to evolve, current ethical practices are divided into three specific application based groups.

As further integration takes place, ethical risk assessment will continually need to be assessed as to stay current with behaviors engineers are ultimately responsible for.

Protective wear consists of helmet, ear and eye protection, long pants and long sleeved shirt as well as boots.

Ground system specific ethical concerns currently include the use of robotic droids used to deliver and detonate explosives on human targets as seen in the downtown Dallas shootout on July 7th, 2016.

For instance, whether an emotional bond with a robot is desirable, particularly when the robot is designed to interact with children or the elderly.

This concept of managing artificial intelligence within robotic frame is currently the most important issue facing both robotics and artificial intelligence and will remain so moving forward.

Everything from the coding of AI behavior, to the safety parameters for shutting down a robot equipped with AI deserve intense scrutiny under the provision that they do not harm humans and obey orders.

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