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Why it matters: Experts worry that easily faked but convincing AI impersonations can turn society on its head — running rampant fake news, empowering criminals, and giving political opponents and foreign provocateurs tools to sow electoral chaos.

There are two main ways to use AI to forge audio: Detecting audio deepfakes requires training a computer to listen for inaudible hints that the voice couldn't have come from an actual person.

This robot helps kids with special needs to communicate

This award supports further enhancements to the Alive-NJ prototype to reason about the correctness of floating point optimizations, to assist compiler writers when optimizations are not correct, and to extend the class of optimizations handled by Alive-NJ.

IEEE Rebooting Computing | Wikipedia audio article

This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: 00:00:31 1 History 00:04:17 2 Purpose 00:05:50 3 ..

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