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Providing world-class expertise to design, build, and run the Digital Blockchain Ecosystem in Singapore, the IBM Center for Blockchain Innovation is set to nurture local talent and work with government authorities, academia and other industries to make Singapore a pioneer in FinTech innovation.

Artificial Intelligence Analyst

IBM Skills Academy is a collaboration of industry leaders working with educators and industry partners, to develop training relevant to sectors working with technology.

The IBM Skills Academy Programme is founded and prides itself on IBM’s long-standing tradition of collaborating with industry experts, researchers and leading academia including Stamford, MIT and Harvard Universities.

Our instructors IBM Skills Academy @ Kaplan provides world-class training combining IBM’s official technical role-based courses, IBM-certified instructors, Kaplan’s deep technical and financial know-how, as well as hands-on laboratories that reflect actual application in the workplace.

The IBM Digital Badge is a cross-industry digital recognition of technical skills which can be shared on social and professional networking sites, even in your digital signature.

The courses suit working adults and just about anyone keen to bridge their digital skills gap and stand out from the competition.

Artificial Intelligence AI and Human Customer Service, Marketing and Sales

The topic 'Artificial Intelligence and Human Customer Service, Sales and Marketing' was the most engaging topic of 2018 thus far in China and Hong Kong.Artificial Intelligence and Human Customer Service, Sales and MarketingBy Jason Chu, Founder, AP CSC* What are CEO focuses to achieve sustainable performance growth with AI and Human Customer Service, Sales and Marketing in the new economy?* How to create more business, products and service mobile O2O opportunities?* What are the strategic CRE initiatives from different Industry Leaders and immediate past CRE Awards winners?* Business Innovation model from Singapore, China, Asia Pacific and Western World.* How do Customer Experience, Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility create strategic value in the current business environment?AI Singapore also recommended to talk about 360-Customer using Graph with George Makriyiannis (Founder of Omen, FinTech Member with U Pen and Ivy League credentials).Data Connections: Bridge Silos to Achieve a True Customer 360by George Makriyiannis, Founder, Omen Pte Ltd* How to have a holistic, real time view of individual customers across all products, systems, devices, and interaction channels in order to deliver a consistent, personalized, context specific and relevant experience?* How modern enterprises can succeed to have a full, 360-view of their customers drive their bottom line with the integration of data from a variety of different sources through enterprise master data management (MDM)?* How Graph Database technologies can enable enterprises aiming to become data-driven organizations take master data management to a new level?Infuse AI Into Your EnterpriseBy Gilbert Thomas (AI Advocate &

He was recognized for a number of strategic achievements including opening new geographic markets and transforming challenged markets with the introduction of software and services.George is a member of the Singapore Fintech Association and an active member of the Singapore Fintech community.

As a strategic thinker and having experience across IBM's portfolio of consulting, services and partner solutions, Anne has helped many industry leaders innovate with leading edge technology to create differentiation.

Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards The goal of the International Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards is to promote service quality and customer relationship excellence as core business value in international cities across regions and to recognize governments, companies, business units, teams, and individuals that have contributed to the success of both their customers and the organizations that they serve.

As we witness how CRE Awards winners continue to bring new service levels, quality standards and benchmarks to shape the future directions of business practices, we sincerely hope to join hands with you to bring about more awareness on customer relationship excellence, to create win-win business partnership relationship excellence, and to make Asia Pacific a better place to live and do business in the region.

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Speaker : Sriram Raghavan, Vice President, IBM Research & CTO, IBM.

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Gaidar Forum 2018. January 18, 2018. Open lecture. Moderator: Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Management Board of LLC "UK" ROSNANO " Speaker: ...

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Combining Grab's vast troves of data and National University of Singapore's expertise in AI research, Grab and NUS are partnering up to launch the Grab-NUS ...

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