AI News, IBM Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions — Acing the AI Interview

IBM Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions — Acing the AI Interview

I have profiled some of the best technology companies and written articles about AI interviews at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, Ebay, Twitter, Walmart, Apple, Facebook, Zillow, Salesforce, Uber, Intel, Adobe and Tesla.

The AI interview preparation guides Part 1, Part 2 go over the details which help you ace any AI interview.

Expert interviews and analyses gives you a sneak peak into the lives of AI/Data Science Leaders and analyses of AI tech companies.

There is a mix of questions which require short write ups, free form explanation of concepts, video responses and coding solutions.

How AI is changing Business: A look at the limitless potential of AI | ANIRUDH KALA | TEDxIITBHU

Now a household name in the Indian computer science scene, Anirudh Kala offers us a sneak peek into the mind-boggling commercial potential of Artificial ...

Put AI to work in the Oil & Gas industry

Humans have five senses, yet none of them can understand unstructured information. Watson helps the oil & gas industry surpass human limits and enables the ...

How It Works: IBM Watson Health

IBM and its partners are building solutions that will allow individual patients and larger health populations to benefit as providers share and apply insights in ...

The Physics of AI (Sponsored by IBM Watson) - Dario Gil (IBM)

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IBM Watson: How it Works

Learn how IBM Watson works and has similar thought processes to a human.

IBM Watson: Can do more with your data

Watson can detect defects from just a few images to help stay on time and on budget. That's why it's the best AI for the job. Let's put smart to work. Learn more at ...

IBM robot Project Debater can argue with humans

Project Debater is the company's latest artificial intelligence that pulls in data from hundreds of millions of sources to win a debating argument. Check out CNET ...

Using AI to Accelerate Drug Discovery // Jerome Pesenti, BenevolentAI (FirstMark's Data Driven)

Jerome Pesenti is CEO at BenevolentAI. He spoke at Data Driven NYC on October 16th, 2017, about how his company is using data to help scientists generate ...

This Canadian Genius Created Modern AI

For nearly 40 years, Geoff Hinton has been trying to get computers to learn like people do, a quest almost everyone thought was crazy or at least hopeless - right ... Bradford Cross, Machine Learning Startups

Bradford reviews all 4 of the Machine Learning startups he started since 2008 and distills some themes for the future. It's technical but is pretty high level.