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How UK companies are using the IBM Watson AI system

Moorfields Eye Hospital launched a Watson-powered chatbot to answer queriers from patients, staff and the public in July 2019.

'We'd start with things like interactive patient information leaflets,' he said.'We have a system where when you receive a diagnosis, we give you a patient information leaflet, and you want to know one thing, but you have to read through five or six pages of information to get to it.

A former IBM artificial-intelligence chief says humans figuring out AI is like 'children playing with bombs'

The first general manager of IBM's commercial artificial-intelligence arm says humans are 'like children playing with bombs' when it comes to using AI.

These algorithms are going to start defining what kind of colleges you get admitted to, what kind of loans you get to pursue an education or build a house, what type of visa and tourism opportunities you get, what kind of career promotions you get, what kind of healthcare treatments you get.

In 2011, IBM's question-answering artificial-intelligence program, Watson, beat experienced human contestants on the quiz show 'Jeopardy!'

In addition to his entrepreneurship, Saxena teaches an academic course he set up at the University of Texas on the design of ethical AI systems.

Saxena believes the sheer scale of AI's future influence makes it all the more important to guard against bias.

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If you don't have a proper framework for teaching these [AI programs], then you're going to have a lot of Chucky-like creatures with knives in their hands going around doing a lot of damage.'

'People with access to AI know-how and computing power will make more money, and the issues we're dealing with in this country, and in the UK with Brexit, are only going to get bigger.'

Yet, despite these worries, Saxena thinks humans remain masters of their own destiny when it comes to AI's ultimate impact.

He said: 'AI's also got the power to solve some of the fundamental problems we have in our society around resource utilization, around education access.

Echoing a view held by futurists such as Google's engineering chief, Ray Kurzweil, Saxena also believes that humans are merging with AI —

'I gave a TED talk on this, where I talked about the end of homo sapiens and the beginning of homo digitalis,' he said.

'Our biological intelligence, via the framework we call the human body, is getting integrated with nonbiological intelligence through things like cellphones, pacemakers, artificial aids.

In essence, we're moving towards a world where nonbiological intelligence is the first technology we've ever built that is superior to our brains.

'Every other technology that mankind has developed so far has either been to amplify our legs or amplify our arms, but we have never built anything that has amplified or scaled beyond our brains.

When we start bringing biological and nonbiological intelligence together, we are creating a whole new level of capacity, as well as problems if you don't govern these systems right.'

Simplilearn Collaborates With IBM to Introduce Four Master's Programs in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Fields

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global online training provider Simplilearn today announced a collaboration with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to introduce four master's programs in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Through this collaboration, professionals can access live virtual classrooms and self-paced video courses that combine Simplilearn's seamless training experience and world-class instructors with IBM's state-of-the-art labs and course content.

Key features of the Master's Programs include portfolio-worthy Capstone Projects that demonstrate applied skills, hands-on exposure to today's most-used tools, 24/7 access to teaching assistants, and industry-recognized certificates.

All course content will be accessible on Simplilearn's learning management system and will follow Simplilearn's unique blended learning structure, providing learners with expertly-crafted content that's delivered live and via pre-recorded video to meet the needs of every student's preference and schedule, followed by quizzes and projects to enforce the retention of each lesson.

The company's high-engagement curriculum blends self-paced online learning, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, hands-on projects, student collaboration and 24/7 global teaching assistance.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this course you will learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, explore use cases and applications of AI, understand AI concepts and terms like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

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