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AI Weekly: Machine-made art does not mean the end of human creativity

On Tuesday the creative collective Botnik Studios released an imitation Coachella poster with artists names generated by a recurrent neural network trained on thousands of band names.

In past weeks Botnik, an Alexa Accelerator graduate, has taught a predictive model to generate a top 10 trending hashtags list and used its predictive keyboards to write a Scrubs episode and a passage of the Trump tell-all Fire and Fury.

“Personally the kind of art I find most invigorating in the tech scene is the kind that doesn’t just try to replicate creative processes through art, it doesn’t just try to draw the way the Mona Lisa was drawn, but takes these new tools and try to ask if we can use these new tools in a way that makes people feel inspired and excited,” she said.

When considering the impact of AI in art, it’s worth remembering, as HP Tech Venture’s Andrew Bolwell reminded me at a panel discussion earlier this week, Garry Kasparov believed his battle with IBM’s Deep Blue led to better human chess players.

Botnik’s shenanigans are the latest reminder that art by neural nets and humans can produce unique results that don’t have to replace human ingenuity but can, like any other tool, augment human endeavors —

ways Facebook’s rumored video chat device Portal could use facial recognition If the reports are true, a Facebook video chat device named Portal is set to arrive in May that could help reshape the Facebook experience in the years ahead.

Nexar raises $30 million for AI dashcam app Nexar, a dashcam recording app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze road conditions and warn of hazardous events, has raised $30 million in a series B round of funding led by Ibex Investors, with participation from Alibaba Innovation Ventures, Mosaic Ventures, Nationwide Insurance, Aleph, Slow Ventures, True Ventures, and Tusk Ventures.

So I did some research into the current state of robots and AI embodiment to [..] Read the full story As AI makes more decisions, the nature of leadership will change It is tempting to regard artificial intelligence as a threat to human leadership.

All the pieces are coming together: big data, advances in hardware, emerging powerful AI algorithms, and an open source community for tools that reduces barriers to entry for industry and start-ups alike.

The result: AI is being propelled out of research labs and into our everyday lives, from navigating cities, ride shares, our energy networks, to the online world. (via World Economic Forum) Read the full story Element AI opens London outpost with focus on ‘AI for good’ Element AI — which last year raised $102 million to build an incubator-meets-consultancy to work with multiple businesses as they launch new services and systems based on artificial intelligence — is entering the next phase of its growth this week.

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