Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

determinazione Corte dei Conti 23/2015 “IITè una fondazione da inquadrare fra gliorganismi di diritto pubblicocon la scelta di un modello di organizzazione di diritto privato per rispondere all’esigenza diassicurare procedure più snelle nella selezionenon solo nell’ambito nazionaledei collaboratori, scienziati e ricercatori”.

Nel 2015 IIT ha ricevutofinanziamenti pubbliciper circa96 milioni di euro(80% del budget), conseguendofondi esterni per 22 milioni di euro(20% budget) provenienti da18 progetti europei,17 finanziamentida istituzioni nazionali e internazionali, circa60 progetti industriali La produzione di IIT ad oggi vanta circa6990 pubblicazioni, oltre130 finanziamenti Europeie11 ERC, più di350 domande di brevetto attive, oltre12 start up costituitee altrettante in fase di lancio.

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He leads and manages several interdisciplinary research projects and initiatives (listed below) and teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Prior to his current position at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Soheil conducted research and managed multidisciplinary projects in several universities and institutes, including Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), Research Studios Austria (RSA), etc.

Soheil is engaged in a broad portfolio of research aiming to empower humans and develop sustainable solutions in the digital economy.

Soheil has played a leading role on several multi-disciplinary research projects, including: Soheil Human has many years of interdisciplinary teaching experienceat both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different universities.

Cognitive Science

We draw on the methods and materials of several other core disciplines including (but not limited to) psychology, philosophy, computer science, neuroscience, biology, and dynamical systems.

See our schedule to discover a course that examines the nature of artificial intelligence from a humanistic and historical perspective, or one that looks closely at human/machine interfaces, questioning bodily boundaries and their implications for disability studies, ethics, and what it means to be human in the face of technological change.

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