AI News, Human Brain vs Machine Learning - A Lost Battle?

Human Brain vs Machine Learning - A Lost Battle?

What is somewhat ironic is that we are now at a civilization stage where it pays off greatly to invest in progress (you could say that this stage started with the industrial revolution and exploded exponentially in the past few decades and then past few years), as stronger computers with ever-improving machine learning algorithms are the driving force of the global economy in the past decade.

It pays so well I have no doubt that we will continue improving and growing and progressing - until we (knowingly or unknowingly) pass that threshold so often mentioned in sci-fi books and movies, and we find ourselves surviving and procreating in a world where the machines - our 'tools' - outperform us on every possible human task.

Add to this soup a pinch of 'Internet Of Things', put in the ever-growing spread of mobile always-on always-connected devices in our (and our children's) lives and you may find the human race trapped on a tiny rocky planet run by sentient algorithms created by sentient algorithms derived from an algorithm based on an algorithm written by the last human researchers, right before they went obsolete.

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