AI News, Human/AI hybrids and gene editing are going to change mankind in ... artificial intelligence

Human/AI hybrids and gene editing are going to change mankind in a big way in the near future

FROM hacking our bodies to withstand harsh environments like Mars to merging with artificial intelligence, everything we know about mankind is about to ...

Could you live forever? Humans will achieve IMMORTALITY using AI and genetic engineering by 2050

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CRISPR + AI = Biological Annihilation Weapon

Zager & Evans - In the Year 2525 - AI, Transhumanism & Elon Musk's Neuralink - Transhumanism .

U.S. Defense Intel Warns of AI HUMAN HYBRID Soliders from China

"Whoever leads in AI will rule the world" .... Vladimir Putin Link: Credit: Tim Hinchcliffe, The Sociable Dated: Oct. 12, ..

The Future of Human Civilization - Cyborgs, AI & The Posthuman Era - Prof. Martin Rees

"Here on Earth, I suspect that we are going to want to regulate the application of genetic modification and cyborg techniques on grounds of ethics and prudence.

Human 2.0: How to Build a Centaur & Why It’s Going to Change the World

From the November 1st, 2017 Human AI Collaboration: A Dynamic Frontier Conference; Amy Kruse, Chief Scientific Officer, Platypus Institute looks at... 1.

RANT: Love Claim Catastrophe, Transhumanism, and Prophecy

I haven't posted a video this week, so here it is. A rant about the coming changes thanks to the gay marriage laws, and the tie in with transhumanism and where ...

Transhumanism And The Great Stumbling Forward

Quite a few people have asked me periodically why I no longer seem so gung-ho about transhumanism. This video explains my current position after several ...

AI Robots and Their Revolution Against Mankind is Coming by Jairo Parra

AI intelligence and robots are evolving and learning which will lead to the singularity where the hive mind will have self-awareness. Will the AI robots rebel ...

Organic Transhumanism: Hacking The Human Genome To Reach The Next Level In Evolution

Pretty soon, gene editing and smart drugs could allow people become whatever they want or even live however long they wanted. ------------------------------- Follow ...