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CPS Energy supports clean energy and grid cybersecurity research at UTSA

IMAGE:Through the strategic alliance between the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute (TSERI) at UTSA and CPS Energy, three new projects totaling approximately $750,000 will focus on improving grid security and...

Through the strategic alliance between the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute (TSERI) at UTSA and CPS Energy, three new projects totaling approximately $750,000 will focus on improving grid security and resilience, solar energy generation and more efficient technology for power generation.

'This light-weight robotic system can be integrated into buildings' facades, rooftops or windows to optimize solar energy collected by solar panels while regulating energy flow between indoor and outdoor environments.

The phases are indistinguishable and sCO2 happens to have some very convenient properties for power generation that lead to higher efficiency and smaller turbines compared to steam,' said Christopher Combs, the assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who will lead this effort along with his co-investigators, Karan Bhanot (Finance), Sara Ahmed (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Kiran Bhaganagar (Mechanical Engineering).

These research projects have created learning and workforce development opportunities for UTSA students through summer internships that help them better transition into next-generation energy jobs and sustainability fields.

Cancer Cells Prefer a Safe Pathway with the Least Resistance

Cancer cells navigate the organism on a micro-level.

Not only that, but such information could help us predict the migrating paths of cancer cells.

The researchers use special metabolic mazes for the testing of cancer migration habits.

Looking toward the future, the scientists working on this project presume that such knowledge will be useful.

Other related news to recent cancer research looks at Telomerase, the cancer-promoting enzyme.

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