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While at GSK she won a global marketing award, and held numerous positions, including a global marketing position based in Europe where she was responsible for a $1billion (AUD) brand portfolio, and won a global marketing award.

Her experience working in and managing teams in sales, marketing, emergency services and government provides her with a strong platform to work as a unit to deliver on outcomes.

Her sense of adventure, determination and fitness has seen her sail tall ships in the Southern Ocean, cycle extreme distances, jump from planes, and run marathons and an ultra-marathon.

Leading the next generation of artificial intelligence | LUCD + HPE OEM

Learn how LUCD is working with HPE OEM, accelerating enterprise AI solutions with big data to drive end-to-end business outcomes on a global scale.

3 Steps to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics

Take these three steps to adopting artificial intelligence, data and analytics. HPE Pointnext will help you automate your business processes and gain deeper ...

Patient-centric care powered by Artificial Intelligence | HPE + Cerner VitalsLink

1-in-4 patients will die of sepsis. Discover how using AI to improve patient outcomes works for Cerner's CareAware VitalsLink. Last year, 1.8 million patients ...


The implications and promises of artificial intelligence (AI) are unimaginable. Already, the now ubiquitous functions of AI have changed our lives ...

How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

HPEpartner #HPE #Sibos Ronald van Loon and Matt Armstrong-Barnes, Chief Technologist at HPE, talk about How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence at ...

Artificial Intelligence for the Data Center

Eliminating wasted time and headaches by transforming how your infrastructure is managed and supported. HPE InfoSight paves the way for autonomous ...

Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

Much of the discussion around artificial intelligence talks about negative aspects like AI replacing humans with software. In this interview from HPE Discover, ...

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Cisco UCS

Explore Cisco AI/ML Computing Solutions: Register for the Cisco UCS C480 ML Server deep dive: Visit .

What is Artificial Intelligence? AI explained in 1 minute

You need technology innovation, experts, services, partnerships, tools, and resources to unlock insights from deep learning, machine learning, and AI. To take ...

Using AI to Solve Data and IT Complexity--And Better Enable AI

Source: The next BriefingsDirect data disruption discussion focuses on ..