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How to Fuel Your Influencer Marketing Strategy with AI

So, in other words, you can tag relevant people and products in a flash.  Influencer marketing systems powered by AI can track an influencer’s performance.   You can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the type of comments and responses an influencer receives for each post.   And, you can compare other metrics such as engagement level and sales conversions with predetermined campaign goals.   Furthermore, you can use AI to analyze historical data from various influencer marketing campaigns to find out which incentives worked best.   So you see, using this information can ensure greater success for your next marketing campaign.   Since AI can help you find the most suitable influencers, you increase the chance of making a stronger emotional connection with your target audience.  Influencers are already using emotional marketing to connect with their followers.   With the help of AI, however, brands can find out what messaging is most likely to resonate and influence consumers.   Take steps to encourage influencers to create content most likely to elicit a stronger emotional response from your target audience.   But keep in mind, AI is still in its infancy, so it will take a few more years until it’s used for emotional influencer marketing.  AI is fast becoming an indispensable part of influencer marketing.   In recent years, it has helped marketers connect with suitable influencers, measure their performance, eliminate fraud, and recognize complex images and videos.   Eventually, it will become sophisticated enough to deploy emotionally engaging marketing campaigns.   Think about how you can plan to use AI to create highly efficient influencer marketing campaigns.  Photo by Franck V.

3 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Video Marketing

By using AI, marketers are able to define a clear target audience, target ads to the appropriate consumer and create a video marketing strategy that's sure to result in increased ROI.

It can help you tailor your content to create targeted ad campaigns, improve your business's return on investment (ROI), and create an interactive environment between technology and consumer.

So it's no wonder that 60 percent of marketers said they plan on using artificial intelligence in their content marketing strategy for the upcoming year, according to BrightEdge.

By using AI, marketers are able to define a clear target audience, target ads to the appropriate consumer and create a video marketing strategy that's sure to result in increased ROI.

You can use video to send personalized messages to your customers, offer them discounts on their favorite items or services, and create an emotional connection that will make them feel personally tied to your brand.

They're more likely to react positively to video ads if they're tailored to their needs based on their search history, page clicks, and shopping behavior.

The more it's utilized in video marketing strategies, the better experiences users will have because they won't feel bombarded by products and services they don't want.

But what is known is that this function proves highly beneficial for businesses that use them, and the amount of likes, shares, and watch time factors into the equation.

Business Feature Archives | Coursera Blog

The rapid pace at which the world is changing due to globalization and technological advancements is changing the way customers behave, the way competitors compete for those customers and the way businesses operate.

The nature of jobs is changing and the skills needed to do those jobs are changing: people need to learn not only once but for the rest of their lives in order to stay relevant in the job market.

At a recent conference in Bengaluru, Coursera invited senior HR, L&D and Business leaders from various industries to engage in a discussion on how important it is for Indian companies to digitally transform themselves today.

Internet companies moved a traditional shopping mall to a website, used A/B testing to improvise user experience, reduced shipping time and moved the decision making from business units to engineers and product managers.

Artificial Intelligence has reached a point where it can transform every major industry, but due to the talent shortage, L&D leaders play a pivotal role to ensure that they are equipping their employees with the relevant skills to make adoption of AI scalable and sustainable.

Companies with the most effective L&D departments are doing the following 3 things: What learning model works better: Push vs Pull learning model or the Individualistic vs Collaborative learning model?

Whilst it is important to curate learning programs on the basis of job roles and individual levels in the organization, it is equally important to create a learning mindset amongst employees so they take ownership of their respective learning journeys.

Coursera for Business Coursera helps companies around the globe transform the skills of their workforce and stay competitive through curated, online learning experiences developed by the leading universities of the world.

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