AI News, BOOK REVIEW: How to Update Your Android’s System

How to Update Your Android’s System

By Dan Gookin Every so often, your Android signals that a system update is available.

Apply the update immediately, as long as the Android has sufficient battery life left (or you can connect to a power supply) and you’re not expecting to do anything major with the phone or tablet during the next few minutes.

Android Pie: 3 settings to change right away

From developer tools to accommodating an iPhone X-like notch, to smart notification replies and a new method to navigate Android, Google's latest mobile operating system has a lot to offer.

With the release of Android Pie to Google Pixel devices, it's time to take a look at three settings you should change after updating to Android 9.0.  Starting with Android Pie, users have the option to ditch the traditional three-button navigation method and rely on gestures instead.

Going forward, you can swipe up on the home button to view your recently used apps, quickly swipe to the right to fast-switch between two apps, or slowly move the home button to scroll through all of your recent apps.

You will also notice actionable buttons in the app drawer for common tasks, such as opening an app to a specific section or starting a text message to your partner.

vibration and you'll find a short list of device sounds that you can have on or off when DND is enabled.  Notifications, however, provides more in-depth options for things like app badges, and indicator lights.

Android Oreo: 18 advanced tips and tricks

Google's Android Oreo release is full of fresh flavor for your phone, but some of its most useful options are out of sight and easily overlooked.

Whether you've had Oreo for months or are just now getting a taste — like owners of Samsung's Galaxy S8, whose Android 8.0 rollout is at long last kicking off as we speak — now's a fine time to learn something new about what your device's software can do.

(And if you're among the many still waiting and hoping your phone's manufacturer gets its act together soon, hey, you can always save this page for future reference.) So pour yourself a tall glass of milk and prepare to dunk into maximum productivity: Here are 18 advanced tips and tricks for Android 8.0 and 8.1, Oreo.

Many device manufacturers modify the operating system to put their own spin on the features and interface, which could result in some elements looking different or even being entirely absent on certain devices.) 1.

Oreo introduces a new smaller format for lower-priority notifications — typically reserved for the types of alerts that are proactively informative but don't require immediate attention.

If the app has proper Oreo-level notification support (Google Photos is a good example), you'll be able to select different categories of notifications for the app and then change their importance level.

Setting any category's level to 'low' will put all associated alerts in the low-priority format, with collapsed-down notifications and no accompanying sounds or pop-ups.

Two notifications from the Pulse SMS app: on top, a standard incoming message alert, and beneath it, a persistent quick-compose tool that's set to appear in the low-priority format.

You'll be presented with a sprawling list of types of notifications Maps might generate — everything from commute-related travel times to driving notifications and nearby business info.

Use Oreo's super-handy (but also super-hidden!) snoozing feature: Simply slide a notification slightly to the left or right, then tap the clock icon that appears along its edge.

Another new Oreo feature is the system-level ability for launchers to display dots on an app's home screen icon whenever that app has a notification pending — yes, much like the notification badges on iOS.

To launch picture-in-picture mode, first open a supported app and start the appropriate process — video-playing, navigation, or whatever the case may be.

By default, Android shows your device's current battery level as an icon in the main status bar — and the actual numerical percentage appears only when you swipe down and open the notification panel.

If you'd rather have the percentage be permanently visible in the status bar, Oreo introduces a native way to make that happen: Just open up the Battery section of your system settings and look for the 'Battery percentage' toggle.

As of Android 8.1, if an app is using an unusually high amount of power, it'll also be highlighted at the top of the screen with a warning icon and some suggested steps for reining it in.

It'll show you their current battery level right there, alongside the Bluetooth icon — and if you tap to open the full Bluetooth settings menu, you'll see the exact percentage in numerical form.

That'll tap into Oreo's handy Smart Text Selection feature, which recognizes the text for what it is and quickly selects the entire string for you — figuring out the appropriate start and end point on its own — and then gives you an in-line option to open it in the most logical place (Maps for a physical address, the Phone app for a phone number, and so on).

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