AI News, How to Start Learning Deep Learning

How to Start Learning Deep Learning

'Due to the recent achievements of artificial neural networks across many different tasks (such as face recognition, object detection and Go), deep learning has become extremely popular.

The slides for each lesson are also available, and even though the accompanying videos were removed from the official site, re-uploads are quite easy to find online.

If you don’t have the relevant math background: There is an incredible amount of free material online that can be used to learn the required math knowledge. Gilbert Strang’s course on linear algebra is a great introduction to the field.

In addition, learning classical machine learning and not only deep learning is important because it provides a theoretical background and because deep learning isn’t always the correct solution.

Both of these classes contain video lectures. Nando de Freitas also has a course available online which contains videos, slides and also a list of homework assignments.

NVIDIA cards are the industry standard, and while most research labs use $1000 dollar graphics cards, there are a few affordable cards that can also get the work done.

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