AI News, How To Make a Humanoid Robot Open a Door

How To Make a Humanoid Robot Open a Door

Swinging doors are heavy, and to open them, you need a large force at the beginning of the motion, then you have to follow through with a continuous force to keep the door open as you walk through it.

(If you're picturing a robot in hat, chaps, and holster strutting into an Old West saloon, like Iwas, Arisumi’s doors are more like the kitchen doors you might find in restaurants.) One way a humanoid robot could open a swinging door would be to punch it, Arisumi said.

The factors to consider are numerous: the robot's upper body position and foot position, the opening angle of the door, the angular velocity of the door just after opening, and the impact velocity of the robot, among other things.

(By now I was impressed that we do it so well, after all.) Arisumi went through equations and diagrams and graphs to demonstrate the proposed technique of using the robot's whole body to impact with the door, just like you would open it with your hip and side.