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What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the transition from once being a glorious manifestation of sci-fi imagination to today emerging as a technological reality capable of disrupting industries.

It is the calibrated use of customer data — from online and offline sources — and computational concepts such as Machine Learning to predict customers’ digital actions or inactions (on web or mobile app platforms), enabling businesses to intelligently target the right customers with the right content across the right channel, and at just the right time.

These segments can be then be targeted with laser-focused personalised and contextualised content through appropriate channels of communication, such as emails, browser push notifications, app push notifications, or in-app messages, to nudge them along their journey towards conversion.

AI further allows marketers to easily embed high-sentiment keywords in these messages that have resulted in a conversion event based on key metrics such as open and click rates relevant to each customer, chronicled over a period of time.

For instance, a media OTT app will recommend a horror film to a user based on his genre consumption history, either through an in-app message (during an active session) or through a triggered email when the film is added to the content library.

For instance, a Chatbot integrated on a food delivery provider’s platform can be used to render 24-hour live chat customer support based on FAQs pertaining to delivery tracking, order cancellation, refund process, etc.

With the proliferation of voice assistants and emergence of IoT, brands that carefully evaluate and embrace the power of AI in an attempt to create an integrated, seamless, and personalised customer experience are more likely to reap the rewards of higher ROI, customer engagement, retention, and top-line growth.

How AI Can Help Content Marketing Drive Business

Artificial intelligence—or AI—may once have seemed like a pipe dream or an inspired piece of science fiction, but today it’s very much the here and now.

With every dollar already allocated, there’s no better way to launch a disruptive new approach than by showing that it’s good at saving money.

In fact, it’s already making more headway than you might have perhaps realized… This point kind of follows on from the first one, but it’s where AI really starts to come into its own.

If you want a piece of content rewritten in 3 different ways, then you could pay a human to do it and receive the new copy in a reasonable timeframe.

Other writers could easily produce extremely similar content as they wouldn’t have the time or the inclination to read everything everyone else has produced.

smart AI will be able to take care of the time-consuming process that is A/B testing for you by working within the constraints of some predetermined parameters.

In principle you could pass on the minimum number of engagements and shares you’re looking to get, and your AI will keep adjusting your content until it achieves the desired results.

By having an AI that combs through past interactions and analyzes the other people any given customer follows online you could in principle personally target your entire following.

The Future of Content: Can AI Replace Humans

The robot uprising is a very legitimate fear that many people have.

Today, there are robots that write the code that can create other even smarter robots, which makes some people wonder how long will it be before technology grows beyond human understanding?

Studies show that over 40% of today’s existing jobs could be replaced by automation and AI within the next decade.

Already, many manufacturing jobs are being automated, and entire factories of workers are being replaced by robots.

In 2015, studies showed that by 2020 over 20% of business content would be written by machines.

We hit that number a little earlier when in 2017 one in five business articles were not created by humans.

Sure, they can generate text, and sometimes even sound a little human, but it is often pretty easy to figure them out.

However, besides being able to hold simple conversations, answering very simple questions, they cannot do much more.

And as the person communicating with them, it is pretty easy to tell when we are speaking to an AI and when we are communicating with a real person.

The New York Times recently put up a quiz that asked the readers to try and guess which writing samples were written by humans and which were written by AI.

The difference between human and AI writing Today, one of the best ways to tell whether something was human written or AI written is to look out for the voice in the text.

According to Outsource2EU, when you outsource to Europe, your content marketing is handled with the highest level of human attention it requires, giving you the highest quality human-written articles to impress your audience.

How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

There are many ways to apply artificial intelligence in content marketing, and my guest on this episode of Social Business Engine is an expert when it comes to the intersection of content marketing and the application of AI to it.

When asked why he launched MAII Paul says it was…’to translate the buzz around AI into real-world knowledge and actionable insights for marketers, so that it’s approachable and tactical.” Recent studies show that only 18% of companies have figured out how to use AI to the point that they're scaling it in their operations.

That means that no matter what area of marketing you work in, or what level of knowledge you have about AI, you are not behind the curve, there are still amazing opportunities on the horizon for marketers who are willing to learn and embrace artificial intelligence.

In our conversation Paul provides a number of helpful use-cases for AI at this stage in the game, demonstrating how it can be used to simplify workflows, offload repetitive tasks to save time and money, and even enhance the strategic parts of what we do as marketers.  If you're interested in using artificial intelligence to enhance your marketing efforts, where should you begin?

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