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7 Reasons AI Will Take Over HR — and 1 Reason It Won’t

A study from McKinsey projects that AI will drastically change business, no matter the industry: “AI could potentially deliver additional economic output of around $13 trillion by 2030, boosting global GDP by about 1.2 percent a year.” With that in mind, let’s consider seven ways AI improves efficiency in HR — and one reason why it’s not going to replace humans.

AI can save HR departments up to 23 hours per hire by analyzing incoming applications and using algorithms to assess and evaluate the applicants’ experience, knowledge and skills.

While discrimination in hiring is clearly against the law, HR personnel sometimes don’t realize they’re allowing personal biases to creep into the hiring process.

HR managers who don’t use automation for tasks such as payroll, applicant tracking, training, job postings and more say they lose an average of 14 hours a week completing these tasks manually.

AI excels at tasks that rely on data processing and pattern recognition, completing these functions faster and more efficiently than human beings can, making it a valuable tool for automating many aspects of HR.

From making the final hiring decisions to finding creative ways to keep workers engaged, HR directors know their employees and their organization in ways AI software doesn’t.