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The AI Adoption Gap | AI for Business #7

In 2017, the Boston Consulting Group and MIT were researching AI applications and adoption levels. They found that, while almost 85% of companies believed ...

AI For Everyone - A non-technical Artificial Intelligence beginners course

AI For Everyone is a non-technical Artificial Intelligence course for the business person. More details can be found at

Let's code a neural network in plain JavaScript Part 1

Pusher - pub/sub, push etc (sponsored) (Patrons only) Official discussion topic for this episode on the Fun Fun Forum: ..

How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Bots, and Big Data | Cognizant

From the authors of the best-selling and award-winning book, Code Halos, comes the new playbook for surviving and thriving in a world changing faster than ...

Building the future of artificial intelligence for everyone (Google I/O '18)

In this Keynote Session, some of Google's leading minds on artificial intelligence and machine learning discuss their vision for a future where artificial ... = scale to the power of artificial intelligence. In the past 100 years, not much has changed in sales, until now. With the rise of artificial intelligence, ...

Dropbox Needs To Become An AI Company 🧀 Cheddar

HyperChange Founder Galileo Russell goes on Cheddar to discuss Dropbox's Q1 2018 earnings report and the company's future competing against Box, ...

AI Meets Blockchain! | Learning Intelligence 5

Episode 5 of the Learning Intelligence series! Other than completing my second project of the Udacity AI Nanodegree, something that's exciting me is the ...

Lecture 2.5 — How to choose an AI project (Part 1) — [AI For Everyone | Andrew Ng]

AI For Everyone lectures by Andrew Ng and our own Learning Notes.

Make a Smart Mirror from an Old Tablet

How to make a smart mirror from an old tablet and a two-way mirror. Being able to charge it through mini USB is a win so you can take it everywhere.