AI News, How state-of-the-art camera that behaves like the human eye could benefit robots and smart devices

How state-of-the-art camera that behaves like the human eye could benefit robots and smart devices

The three-year research project, in collaboration with King's College London and University College London, will examine how data from these state-of-the-art cameras could be captured, compressed and transmitted between machines at a fraction of the current energy cost.

The £1.3m Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council-funded project will see academics working with newly-developed dynamic visual sensors, which drastically reduce computing power and data storage requirements by only updating the parts of an image where movement occurs.

These neuromorphic sensors mimic how mammals' eyes process information, quickly and efficiently detecting light changes in their field of vision, explained Professor Maria Martini, who is leading the Kingston University London team looking at innovative ways to process and transmit information secured through the sensors during the project.

This dramatically reduces the energy and processing needs for the cameras and during the research project the team will look at how high-quality footage could be sourced efficiently from the dynamic visual sensors and then shared between machines or uploaded to a server in the cloud.

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