AI News, How Investors Feel About Artificial Intelligence – from 29 AI Founders and Executives

How Investors Feel About Artificial Intelligence – from 29 AI Founders and Executives

AI investments have become more and more prevalent over the last 5 years, and articles in the Financial Times, TechCrunch, WIRED, and elsewhere tout an era of heightened interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence-oriented companies.

On the aggregate, it seems as though most of the companies report a relatively positive investor sentiment around their venture, and it seems clear that part of the challenge for AI companies today include (a) providing investors with evidence that AI has changes since the last wave of AI hype, and (b) explaining artificial intelligence in a way that convinces investors of both it’s business application and it’s basic functions in the company.

Venture Investments in Artificial Intelligence – Trends in 2016 and Beyond

Investments in artificial intelligence continued on an upward swing in 2016, following through on the technology’s promise to disrupt how business is done across industries.

A number of new accelerators were also announced, including a partnership between NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s AI NexusLab and Manhattan-based firm ‘ff Venture Capital’, which will provide initial funding  in exchange for a 6% stake in each company (the university will receive a 2% stake).

We’ve included the following insights from our own consensus on this topic, which features related perspectives from 29 AI startup founders and execs: Source: TechEmergence AI Company Categories Covered: Various industries, all companies in the consensus are startups.

There are certainly those with larger shares of VC investments, like autonomous vehicles and general AI-building platforms (software as a broad industry secured the majority of VC investment in 2016), while others –

 It will be interesting to watch whether new AI accelerator programs in places like New York and startups in Europe (particularly Western) and Canada continue to attract increases in VC funding in 2017, and whether SF-based companies will continue to see an increase or find a plateau.

Sentieo Raises $6 Million: Here's Why This Unheralded 'Bloomberg Killer' Is For Real

’ financial and risk business and S&P Global ponied up $550 million to buy Kensho, a first mover in plying artificial intelligence and machine learning to financial analysis.

Many years after a number financial data terminals were pitched as so-called “Bloomberg killers,” Sentieo is looking like an underappreciated innovator with a growing toehold in the marketplace.

Co-founded in a Gramercy, Manhattan living room by Alap Shah, a former analyst at hedge funds Viking Global and Citadel, and his serial entrepreneur brother, Naman Shah, Sentieo offers all the bells and whistles that an investor should expect from a data terminal like Bloomberg or FactSet.

What’s unique is in addition to delivering basics like fast and clean financial data, timely alerts of financial disclosures, and strong tools for portfolio and comparable analysis, Sentieo also has a powerful suite of big data-enabled analytics.

It offers contextualized search of earnings conference calls, a natural language processing tool that's increasingly used by investors to recall specific facts, or to pick up on company and sector-wide themes.

Other big data-enabled tools include language-based analysis of management confidence and how that stacks up against consensus, or the analysts covering a company.

Instead of a one size fits all platform for traders, portfolio managers, risk managers and the like, Sentieo has built a customized product for a specific target – the fundamental equity investor.

Its newer tools are evidence that even stockpickers who to pore over income statements, balance sheets, footnotes in 10-k filings and dial into earnings calls could use some big data help.

Adds a PM at a $1 billion in assets fund, “From deep search to dynamic collaboration to finding trends in alternative data, it has made us into a better team with more effective analysts.

Within a year, Shah who alongside his brother continues to hold a controlling stake in Sentieo, expects the company’s workforce to surpass 200 as revenue continues to more than double yearly.

Thomson Reuters Is Using Your Feelings About Bitcoin to Make Investors Rich

Included in the latest release of the company's MarketPsych Indices product, a suite of investment tools analyzing everything from companies to sovereign bonds, the bitcoin sentiment data feed will use AI to analyze more than 400 sources of data, scouring news articles and social media posts in search of actionable insights.

Using metrics such as 'greed' and 'fear' both accredited an non-accredited investors can identify hedging opportunities or create buy-sell orders when a particular trait reaches a certain level or changes over a certain period of time.

And while Thomson Reuters has long tracked bitcoin prices, and last year made a push into applications of blockchain technology broadly, this week's launch marks the firm's formal entrance into products made specifically for cryptocurrency traders.

In interview, Peterson, who is also the author of 'Trading on Sentiment: The Power of Minds over Markets,' explained how sentences found online are first classified by human readers according to any number of traits, and how the computer learns over time which relationships are likely indicative of certain sentiments.

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