AI News, How do I prepare for a data scientist interview?

How do I prepare for a data scientist interview?

Here's my advice on how to prepare for a data science interview, roughly in the order of priority if you are time-constrained.

For data scientist positions that focus on ML engineering, the interview will be much more similar to a normal software engineering interview, with some ML specific loops thrown in.

Ultimately the key question you should be asking yourself is - within my role at the company, what is the best way to best understand and improve the product and the business using data?

One type of data scientist is heavily involved in the process of making decisions to help improve the product and the features - and to understand the product quantitatively as much as possible.

Think of ways on how to improve the product After playing around with the product as much as you can - ask yourself the following questions: These questions will get you in the shoes of thinking about the product and various tradeoffs that are done in making product decisions.

Part of a data scientist's role in certain companies involve working closely with the product teams to help define, measure, and report on these metrics.

Review your statistics and experimental design If you're interviewing with a consumer internet company, chances are that they do some sort of A/B testing to decide on feature launches.

This is usually one thing that many candidates are unprepared for when they start looking for data science positions, mostly because many universities don't offer too many statistics classes.

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