AI News, How do I move from data scientist to data science management?

How do I move from data scientist to data science management?

In my experience many of the best data science leaders approach management with ambivalence.

In most cases, the manager's primary activity becomes recruiting (it is such a challenge to find great data scientists!).

This turns out to be a good thing as the direct reports are often brilliant and thrive with the new challenge (and, often do a better job than the leader would have).

For the very passionate data science leader those elusive activities don't completely slip away ...

The code is clumsy and the graphs are basic (whatever can be obtained from online examples of ggplot and matplotlib).

But, this hands-on tinkering provides context that is unattainable by any other means - a familiarity with the data for which 2nd-hand descriptions don't seem to give justice.

It also provides answers to questions that can't be articulated, let alone delegated (answering one's own questions affords unrestricted inquiry).

And, yes - it keeps the thinking muscles engaged, which, somewhat surprisingly, has a positive impact on self-esteem.

I don't think this can be achieved by a leader who doesn't have the passion for data science and all the details that come from 1st-hand experience.

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