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Virtual Assistant for Digital Workplace

If you are looking for a way to optimize your training budget, consider the  chatbot approach.

Changing your employees habits implies long-term training and assistance, two services that a chatbot can provide directly to the users.  To know more, read our article “O365 adoption: Top 3 reasons to include a Digital Workplace Chatbot”.

The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots

To better understand what humans want, many chatbots use machine learning to automate the learning process and become increasingly accurate at predicting what someone is actually looking to achieve.

Since then there have been a tremendous amount of chatbot apps built on websites, in applications, on social media, for customer support, and countless other examples.

Whether you view the technology as a passing fad, or believe that chat bots will revolutionize how people communicate and interact, the impact chatbots are having on online experiences is real…and it’s measurable.

To help shed light on how chatbots are reshaping online experiences today, the teams at Drift, SurveyMonkey Audience, Salesforce, and myclever have come together to create a data-backed report based on a survey of 1,000+ adults.

Luckily, our team put together a handy guide on the bot creation process to help you go from amateur to expert.

The Ultimate Chatbot, E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary

Reading about chatbots can sometimes be difficult for those who are new to the subject.

It is easy to get lost in the technological jargon, marketing terms, and many ideas which seem familiar, but have different meanings in the context of chatbots or e-commerce.

Should you encounter any new term you would like us to add, submit your suggestions in the comment section below the glossary.

It uses deep learning and artificial neural networks to simulate processes similar to the ones which happen in our brains.

The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly developing, and progress is made every year, although computers still have the intelligence of a toddler (with some mad math skills).

Automation is a concept as old as the industrial revolution itself, but it escalated after the invention of microprocessors and computer processing units.

For example, when someone you want to contact via company’s email is on holiday, you may receive an automatic email response that is sent by an autoresponder.

It can be an important tool for customer service, but autoresponders sometimes have problems with passing through spam filters.

When your autoresponder replies to incoming spam emails, the messages it sends can be identified as spam as well –

In the world of social and messaging online platforms, an avatar is a picture or an icon which is a visual representation of a person.

the Czech word robota means forced labor/slavery) are real-life machines which act like humans (if they additionally look like ones, they are called androids) or perform their labor.

They send emails, browse websites, play at online casinos, send funny pictures, etc.

For instance, chatbots specialize in online conversations and they can hugely improve e-commerce customer experience.

Your chatbot should be fluent in speaking your company’s unique language and be another asset which strengthens the brand identity.

although, instead of shouting at your customers, they have to opportunity to chat with them in a friendly manner and give them a gentle push towards conversion.

This feature is available for the users of Tidio Live Chat to provide better support and answer your customers’ questions before they even finished asking them.

They can be used to retrieve information or analyze customer issues and queries, to better understand their needs.

There are several different frameworks and approaches, but a complete chatbot-building solution is best for people who don’t have software development experience.

It is worth noticing that live chat and messaging apps have recently become more popular than social media platforms.

content strategist is a person who decides what type of content works best for a company and plans how to publish it.

When writing a conversation script, it may be wise to consult it with the content strategist of your company, or a person with a similar function.

Now, the technological prophets from Microsoft zealously announce: what a computer mouse and the point-and-click idea was to the age of home PCs, what a touch screen was to the age of smartphones, a direct text/voice conversation with machines will become to the following decade.

In the case of chatbots, a conversation flow is designed by attaching nodes which represent certain actions or messages.

To design a good conversation flow, you should know some general rules of how real-life conversations work and the core principles of conversational design.

The way you design your conversation can make all the difference when it comes to user experience and striking a note with your potential clients.

Instead of clicking your way through technobabble buttons and typing in some esoteric-sounding commands, you talk with pieces of software with natural, everyday language.

Some interfaces are conversational in the way they communicate with the user, provide hints, and use intuitive behavior flows –

If you own a store which is visited by one hundred clients per day and five of them buy your product, then your conversion rate for that day is equal to 5%.

Your conversion rate for people who created an account on your website can differ (it will be higher) from the conversion rate for those who bought your products.

Conversion rate can be calculated by dividing the number of customers who bought your product by the total number of customers interested in your offer –

CRM and CX are closely associated, but while CX deals with delivering the best product or solution, CRM is more about receiving feedback, providing support, gathering user data, and optimizing the processes involved.

There are dedicated Customer Relationship Management systems which automate all information-processing tasks that are necessary for the company’s marketing, sales, and customer service.

Usually, it is a five-point scale with answers along the lines of: Customers can give feedback through surveys provided after interacting with businesses.

Chatbots can be triggered by any type of action customers take, like completing their purchase and used to collect a CSAT score to measure the level of their satisfaction.

It should come as no surprise that good customer service adds value to whatever you sell and improves your customers’ satisfaction level.

There are many types of customer service channels, but in the case of online stores, they are usually email, live chat, or phone support.

They can act as virtual shopping assistants, take care of customers’ queries (FAQ chatbots), and collect their opinions about your company.

Personalization, on the other hand, is the action of modifying the product (or customer experience) taken by a company to appeal to different users by recognizing their individuality.

Chatbots can be employed to suggest customization options and they can personalize shopping, for instance, by addressing your customers with their name or greeting them in their language.

Retail ecommerce sales worldwide are about to surpass $4 trillion (in 2020) and amount to almost 5% of the total world GDP.

We live not only in the age of e-commerce, but also the age of conversational e-commerce, in which live chat, messaging apps, and chatbots are becoming the most important tools for driving online sales.

The thing is, email is still one of the most important communication channels, and email marketing campaigns tend to have a relatively high success rate.

Emoticons, also known as emojis, are graphical representations of emotions which are used for texting and writing online, especially in messaging apps and across social media platforms.

It is a good idea to use emoticons in your chatbot messages to help them connect with users and immediately form an emotional bond.

Many young people abandon using Facebook as a social media platform altogether but still use Messenger as their default app for talking with people online.

Instead of answering them manually, you can create a special FAQ subpage on your website with compiled answers to all of the questions your customers ask over and over again.

Or better yet, you can create a FAQ chatbot which will narrow down your customers queries by means of conversational progressive disclosure, which is a brainy way of saying –

it will make them answer some additional questions and give them the best answer right away, without making them read through endless pages of questions and explanations.

Fembots are part of popular culture and the topic is frequently used in science-fiction movies, books, and video games.

The evolution of user interfaces might surprise some of the younger generation born in the era of touch screens and smartphones.

you usually make chatbots accomplish specific tasks by selecting or writing natural language messages.

Most of the online marketing campaigns, as well as other instances of online presence of a company (like a Facebook website), redirect users to selected landing pages.

Adding a chatbot to your landing page increases the level of user engagement and can hugely improve the conversion rate.

When a visitor of your website gives you the contact details, registers an account, sends you an email with questions –

For example, a chatbot can automatically initiate conversation and, afterward, pass selected customers on to live chat operators who specialize in closing deals.

Live chat is an online messaging solution that uses real-time chat conversations to exchange information between live chat users/operators.

As opposed to email support, the dynamic nature of live chat translates into a more engaging customer experience and, ultimately, more sales.

Online shopping of the past lacked the welcoming, helpful, and friendly assistance of a human being which made “offline” retail stores unique.

This process is known as live typing because the user presses the buttons on their computer keyboards/touch screens and the letters appear in the live chat prompt box in real time.

There are many opportunities that businesses miss because they concentrate on their big goals too much and don’t see that there is much room for improvement of the little things that matter.

single interaction with a chatbot may seem insignificant if we look at the big picture, but it is a good example of micro conversion.

Some of the mobile apps are created exclusively for smartphones while others are mobile counterparts of popular desktop software.

The answers range from 0 to 10 points, with 0 being “not at all likely/very unlikely” and 10 being “extremely likely/very likely.” People who answered 9 or 10 are tagged as promoters, and people whose answers were between 0 and 6 are marked as detractors.

At each node, an action is performed either by the chatbot (sending a message, asking a quick reply question), the live chat engine (like checking if specific conditions are met), or the user (sending a message or choosing one of the suggested answers).

After all, when you need guidance with your app, you don’t want your tech support specialist to talk about their vacation plans or favourite movies when you need assistance.

Progressive disclosure is a content strategy which helps to manage the amount of information users receive while navigating a website or using an app.

it is better to give people short, digestible chunks of information instead of overwhelming them with huge amounts of data and long passages of writing.

quick reply node in Tidio chat bot editor is a safe bet when you don’t want to confuse your chatbot users.

Today, email communication seems to take far too long and live chat is the most popular communication channel among online shoppers.

they are able to stall for time before a human live chat agent takes over or they can handle some of the less complex queries on their own.

In the modern world of e-commerce, dropshipping, and blurry boundaries between wholesale and retail sales, one could even say that modern retail is more about selling CX and providing a great customer journey than selling any particular product (which could probably be bought cheaper somewhere else).

There is no need to build your store from scratch, it does not require the involvement of developers and it is a perfect platform for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Some customers use their shopping carts as a handy shopping list which they might use some time later, but it usually means –

You can answer a phone call on your new smartphone by clicking an icon which looks just like the receiver of a regular cord telephone from the old days.

they use emoticons and everyday language, but when you think about it, can a chatbot really be embarrassed by not being able to help you or roll on the floor laughing when it sends you the ROTFL emojis?

The proper Turing test is basically the same, but instead of guessing whether someone is a female or male, the goal of the test is to tell if the written messages are sent by a human or a computer.

UX designers make apps and websites more user-friendly by employing good design principles, behavioral psychology, data analysis, storytelling tactics, and many strategies which use cognitive capacities of the human mind.

welcome message is an automatic message someone receives upon entering a website, turning on a computer program, or using an app for the first time.

Consequently, some of the desktop or browser-based simple computer programs which run alongside your full-screen piece of software or main website are frequently called widgets as well.

Chatbots powered by Tidio can send and receive zaps as well, which creates unlimited possibilities of incorporating chatbots into your application flow.

The Reality of VR and AR in the App Marketplace

The immersive experience of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has everybody in the tech world buzzing.

Let’s see what’s out there, and how it gives the users an amazing experience.  The impact of gamification on anything people might want to learn is well-known, and several apps make learning both fun and effective.

Apps like the ones developed by Unimersiv allow students and curious users to travel to ancient ruins and archeological sites in an immersive VR experience.

There are practical yet incredibly useful apps like Air Measure, which is an AR app that presents you with various tools every time you point your camera at something, including precise measurements, area, and more.

These sorts of tools can not only help the homeowner to visualize a new extension or kitchen, but also help the contractors and architects connect with each other and the homeowner to all get on the same page with the project.

One of the last remaining reasons shoppers still go in brick and mortar shops is to really get a good look and feel of how certain clothes fit, so if this app or others like it do a good enough job to replicate that experience, users will flock to it, and conversions will come right behind.   The furniture sector is also a hot market for AR and VR apps.

Simple and intuitive drag and drop controls allow the user to navigate quickly and efficiently, and even clear the whole room to start from scratch.

This sort of one stop shop feature helps to lead to plenty of conversions and suggested accessory items help to bring that cart total up.   This genre is perhaps the most popular and used in the AR/VR world.

Destinations like national parks, zoos, and museums use AR in their proprietary apps to enhance and gamify the existing space, and kids especially are attracted to these.

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