AI News, How can big data help in marketing?

How can big data help in marketing?

Pulse of marketing using big data analytics People still believe marketing is a brick and model way of doing business?

Now it is not a hard and fast rule as time changed big data companies can easily see the exactly (who is buying, selling and further more information about the customer.

Improve customer value and their Loyality: Many online business unites have introduced yardstick called loyal card mechanism tracking a customer frequent visit to portal and their purchase pattern.

Benefits because of content marketing: Break even point of the blog is difficult to ascertain , through data science marketers can easily assess which piece of cake are the most viable in bringing leads and opportunity to the company though the proper sales and distribution channel.

With revolution of data science competitor analysis right from the start of business we can ascertain the present and future condition of market based on various analytics model.

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