AI News, How big is the Spotify Machine Learning team?

How big is the Spotify Machine Learning team?

As a matter of fact, five years ago, music personalization at Spotify was a tiny team.

The team read papers, developed models, wrote data pipelines and built services.

Services are easy to launch but have a very real impact on a team’s ability to innovate and build new features.

A team would get together, spec the design of the page, figure out what sort of machine learning goes into it, build the models and then get into the product.

Flash forward a few months ahead, there is a second ask: Radio — a perfectly reasonable addition to a music product.

A similar routine of product development takes place and the team ends up owning another feature and another service.

The output would be a set of recommendations which would be served up to users from a very simple service that was backed by Cassandra and written using Apollo.

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