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AI and its potential to boost your company's bottom line

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook revealed that two of its artificial intelligence (AI) machines had developed their own language to communicate in a more efficient fashion.

Technology has already progressed enough to give us driverless cars, robot police and autonomous delivery drones, but the true impact will go beyond making large swathnote-0s of the population redundant and drastically alter our society as we know it – from education and health care, to the criminal justice system.

“No human programming is used, the software automatically learns from the data, it accumulates the knowledge and keeps getting smarter.” Infor has launched its own AI offering called Coleman, after Nasa physicist and mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson, whose calculations helped man reach the moon, note-1targeting note-2the enterprise sector.

–––––––––––––––––– Read more: Dubai's Aramex harnesses the power of AI Rogue Chinese robots challenge government and artificial intelligence –––––––––––––––––– Roomba, the US manufacturer of the iRobot vacuum cleaner, came under fire for its plans to sell data on floor plans in customers’ homes to Google, Amazon and Apple.

“The use of robotics, virtualisation and AI has the potential to transform the marketplace, improve living standards and more robust international trade, all the while revolutionising virtually every industry.” According to software provider Citrix, 40 per cent of all digital transformations will be driven by AI by 2019, 75 per cent of apps will include some form of AI by next year and the AI market advantage of those who embrace AI will exceed US$1.2 trillion by 2020.

“You cannot automate the whole process because there needs to be a human element.” How imperative this human element will be in the next few decades remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, these new technologies will continue to disrupt current business models and companies and governments will have to adapt to survive.

Denver hospital deploys hand hygiene monitoring system to boost adherence | Healthcare IT News

Denver Health Medical Center has gotten on top of the problem by implementing automated location monitoring technology to help boost hand hygiene adherence, a variable the Joint Commission recognizes is the most important way to prevent hospital-acquired infection transmissions.

Since implementation of the technology two years ago, baseline hand hygiene adherence rates at Denver Health jumped from about 40 percent to a sustained rate of more than 70 percent, according to hospital officials.

When the institution invested in a new nurse call system, it decided to pilot an electronic hand hygiene monitoring system from CenTrak to track individual hand hygiene rates and provide objective feedback to fellow staff members.

'We have defined adherence with the technology to be performing hand hygiene within 60 seconds before or after entering the room and within 60 seconds before or after leaving the room.'

While Denver Health measures multiple hand hygiene workflows, this particular example of improved compliance was in regard to its wash-in/wash-out protocol – the requirement for staff to wash their hands upon entering a room and again after their interaction with a patient.

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White Paper Eligibility checks could be costing your organization more time and causing more stress than you realize.

6 Applications of Artificial Intelligence for your Supply Chain.

Once thought to be a concept only sci-fi movies could produce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a topic of our mainstreams and everydays.

The potential of AI enhancing everyday business activities and strategies hasn’t just sparked the interest of people and organizations globally, but has initiated rapid implementation.

Previous studies, by the Tungsten Network, have suggested that valuable time and money is wasted on trivial supply chain related-tasks that are conducted operationally by humans.

39 hours chasing invoice exceptions, discrepancies and errors and 23 hours responding to supplier inquiries” ( 2017).

This loss- has been equated to around 6500 hours, during the work year, that businesses are throwing away by processing papers, fixing purchase orders and replying to suppliers.

Streamlining procurement related tasks through the automation and augmentation of Chabot capability requires access to robust and intelligent data sets, in which, the ‘procuebot’ would be able to access as a frame of reference;

By utilizing ML technology, SCM professionals — responsible for SCP — would be giving best possible scenarios based upon intelligent algorithms and machine-to-machine analysis of big data sets.

This kind of capability could optimize the delivery of goods while balancing supply and demand, and wouldn’t require human analysis, but rather action setting for parameters of success.

“A forecasting engine with machine learning, just keeps looking to see which combinations of algorithms and data streams have the most predictive power for the different forecasting hierarchies” ( 2017).

Faster and more accurate shipping reduces lead times and transportation expenses, adds elements of environmental friendly operations, reduces labor costs, and — most important of all — widens the gap between competitors.

If autonomous vehicles were developed to the potential — that certain business analysts and tech gurus have hypothesized — the impact on logistics optimization would be astronomical.

NLP, applied through the correct work took, could build data sets regarding suppliers, and decipher untapped information, due to language barrier.

Governance perspective, NLP technology could streamline auditing and compliance actions previously unable because of existing language barriers between buyer-supplier bodies (greenbiz 2017).

Data sets, generated from SRM actions, such as supplier assessments, audits, and credit scoring provide an important basis for further decisions regarding a supplier.


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