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Ryan Martin and Jennifer Lendler join Bob Clark to discuss some of the exciting uses companies are finding for these technologies and break down the risks and challenges that accompany these emerging technologies in the real world.We discuss the following questions:0:57 - What are the differences between robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning that CFOs and clients are hearing?4:24 - What are some of the more exciting use cases seen at clients and out in the market for RPA?6:54 - What is happening in the marketplace around AI and other advanced technologies?9:04 - What are some of the challenges and basic lessons learned with employing an intelligent automation framework around RPA seen in the market?12:28 - What are some of challenges and risks with organizations and the deployment of AI?16:17 - What is exciting about the potential for automation in the future?

How is Artificial Intelligence transforming digital marketing? UpTech finds out

Editor’s note: Alexander Ferguson is CEO and founder of Raleigh and Charlotte-based, which is partnering with WRAL TechWire to present a series of in-depth interviews with thought leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence as part of the firm’s new series UpTech.

From personal assistant artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa, to political social media campaigns, these technologies are affecting every corner of our existence.

Whether we fear or embrace these new forms of public engagement, one thing is certain: it’s here, and we better understand it.

In this first video of our three-video series, we talk with Ammerman about the impact this new era of digital marketing has on business and how people can stay ahead of the game.

So, if you’re a business owner and you’re competing in the world for people’s attention in this kind of attention economy, you’ve got to realize that your competition is you’re competing against people who know a lot about the individual consumer.

And when you’re tailoring information to meet their needs, you’ve got to realize that you’re competing for their attention against a lot of other people who know exactly how to punch their hot buttons, how to get ’em to open their phone and check their Facebook likes.

Ferguson: In our next video, we continue our conversation with William Ammerman, who tells us about some of the potential dangers we may find in this era of modern-day digital marketing and how to survive them.

World Class IT Transformation Artificial Intelligence 2019

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HeadHunt is partnering with 4 institutions for our 3rd brown bag lunch series, which aims to inspire working professionals to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

The hard truth is that impactful digital transformations have little to do with technology and everything to do with the mastery of the new business drivers: new customer behaviours, co-opetition, data and analytics, innovation, and enlightened leadership.

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