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Top 5 ways in which AI is revolutionizing marketing

Avadhoot Revankar, Chief Growth Hacker at Netcore, spoke at Techpoint Inspired, Nigeria, about the top 5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing ...

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Marketing?

Will Artificial Intelligence overshadow digital marketing and SEO in the years to come?

Transforming Rural India Using AI and Digital Technology | Prashant Shukla | TEDxBillabongHighBhopal

In this enlightening talk, Prashant Shukla (National Technology Officer, Microsoft India) elucidates how dramatically the advent of artificial intelligence and digital ...

The power of words: How AI is changing marketing messages | Marketing Media Money

Assaf Baciu explains how Persado's AI takes brand marketing messages and rebuilds them to have greater impact. Some of the results can be extraordinary.

How AI is changing Business: A look at the limitless potential of AI | ANIRUDH KALA | TEDxIITBHU

Now a household name in the Indian computer science scene, Anirudh Kala offers us a sneak peek into the mind-boggling commercial potential of Artificial ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Your Marketing Strategy

Check out my latest video How will AI affect your marketing in the future? In this live video, I share some ideas about AI and what it ..

The Future of Publishing: AI, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning And More With Thad McIlroy

Get your free Author 2.0 Blueprint at: Thad McIlroy is a journalist, author, speaker and publishing consultant and he ..

Revolutionizing the world of E-Commerce with A.I.

The way the world does business has already changed, automation is making business more competitive, and the ones that adopt disruptive technologies early, ...

How Businesses Are Starting To Rely on AI for Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, isn't a new concept unless you were living in a cave with no access to the Digital world. It has been the talk of both technology meetups, ...

Blackwood Seven - Artificial Intelligence; Marketing Meets Machine

We want to revolutionize marketing by letting advertizers predict, execute and evaluate real business outcomes of their media investments instead of relying on ...