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The Driving Force behind Technological Advancements

The driving force behind any technological advancement or breakthrough is the need to make lives more comfortable, hassle-free, and manageable by cutting down human effort and time.

While home automation is busy making lives easier and more structured, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has slowly moved into the frame as an accepted technology for home automation.

They have been created in a way that helps to decode voice commands and tries to understand the exact meaning of those commands before executing the orders.

Americans are embracing these virtual assistants to assist them in all their activities, watching television, switching in and switching off lights, thermostats, controlling window shades, and the list continues.

There are smart devices that help measure energy used in real-time, they can classify and localize motion and has the awareness to automatically turn off lights.

For instance, the garage doors automatically open when they see your car approaching the house, lights switch on, heater is turned on, TV is turned on to your preference.

But doing these activities day in and day out each day every week adds up to a lot of time, time that could be utilized in doing something more productive and focus on more pressing things at hand.

Artificial intelligence-driven home automation allows these smart devices to observe and learn the home owner’s patterns over a period of time.

Such intelligently designed home systems help to improve user experience, cut down their efforts, and offer more protection and security.

AI can detect errors or any maintenance related issues on any of the smart home devices and will inform the users so that they can take measures to fix them.

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Smart home, artificial intelligence, robots

Smart home, artificial intelligence, robots

Jarvis Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation using Arduino and VB.Net

Software Download link :- Source Code link :-