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2019 AI Predictions

If you're considering AI for your business, it's time to scale up or give up.Leading companies are already starting to move their AI models into production, where they will run operations to enhance decision-making and provide forward-looking intelligence to people in every function.

If done right, developing an AI model for one specific task can enhance an existing process or solve a well-defined business problem, while simultaneously creating the potential to scale to other parts of the enterprise.

You can then modify and use the AI component to speed up other parts of thecompany—such as customer service, marketing, tax and supply chainmanagement—that also consume huge amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data.

You need to be disciplined, creating an organizational structure that crosses functions and enables you to establish a clear AI strategy.A center of excellence (CoE) is often the best way to build thisAI foundation—and the model we expect to become most prevalent.

Think of it as the one-stop shop for AI efforts: a virtual environment with pluggable tools, where business and tech professionals will share resources (such as data sets, methodologies and reusable components) and collaborate on initiatives.

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