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Carnegie Mellon University CyLab Security and Privacy InstituteResearchers at the Carnegie Mellon University CyLab Security and Privacy Institute have developed an algorithm that detects when seemingly disparate accounts on anonymous online marketplaces belong to the same seller.

The algorithm analyzed eight years' worth of data compiled from 12 marketplaces, detecting more than 20,000 accounts belonging to approximately 15,000 individual sellers, with some operating between two and 11 accounts.

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polysilcon caucus flyer RSVP final.pdf Polysilicon is a fundamental building block to the semiconductor and solar industries.

RSVP: Members of Congress (Invited) Industry Briefers RSVP by October 25 to The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has invited us to a Congressional Briefing on the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, or the Rapid Advancement in Chemical Process Intensification.  RAPID is creating new technology to improve productivity and efficiency, cut operating costs, and reduce waste through modular chemical process intensification (MCPI) — such as combining multiple process steps such as mixing, reaction, and separation into single more complex and intensified processes.  This briefing will have a focus on the work RAPID has done to build up the workforce to sustain the new technology.  AIChE-Flyer.pdf YouTube Video

Federal support for these institutes creates a framework that allows industry, academia, and federal laboratories to work together to take the most promising new technologies and transform them into products to be manufactured here in America.

This past year, institutes leveraged more than $183 million in federal funds, matched by over $304 million in state and private sector investments, to conduct 475 major research and workforce development projects of high priority to broad industry sectors.

Members of the institutes consist of 63 percent manufacturing firms, of which 70 percent are small and medium sized companies – key manufacturing supply chain participants.

From enhancements to Small Business Investment Companies and R&D-focused programs, to the creation of an all-new 'Innovation Growth Loan' program, join us for an in-depth briefing on the most significant reforms in the pipeline, their motivations, and what it could mean for the future dynamism of the American manufacturing sector.    

YouTube Video Oakridge.pdf Jurrens_NIST_AI_and_Manufacturing_July2019.pdf CongressionalCaucusSoundarKumara-Final-revised.pdf 20190911_MfgCaucus_Morgan.pdf YouTube Video                                                

Metamorphic Manufacturing, a new technology that forges metal objects to precise specifications, takes the skill and force of a human metalsmith and replicates it with a combination of robotic systems, intelligent machines, sensors, and integrated computational learning (i.e., artificial intelligence).

This briefing featured local leaders and national experts who explore how this model has spurred lasting public-private and collaboration in manufacturing communities, and is set to expand into new communities and serve as a cornerstone for federal manufacturing policy.

This enhanced capability directly enables U.S. manufactures to rapidly develop and produce a wide variety of next generation products with geometries and materials that would not have been viable using only traditional subtractive technicians.

Youtube Video The future of manufacturing lies in smart manufacturing— defined as the integration of sensors, controls, and software platforms to optimize performance at the production unit, plant, and supply chain levels.

Stealthy Russian hacker group resurfaces with clever new tricks

For a factory where robots toil around the clock to build a rocket with almost no human labor, the sound of grunts echoing across the parking lot make for a jarring contrast.

As we walk among the robots occupying Relativity’s factory, he points out the just-completed upper stage of the company’s rocket, which will soon be shipped to Mississippi for its first tests.

Neither of those A-listers have paid a visit to Relativity’s rocket factory, but the presence of these unlikely neighbors seems to underscore the company’s main talking point: It can make rockets anywhere.

Roll up the loading bay doors at Relativity’s Los Angeles headquarters and you’ll find four of the largest metal 3D printers in the world, churning out rocket parts day and night.

The latest model of the company’s proprietary printer, dubbed Stargate, stands 30 feet tall and has two massive robotic arms that protrude like tentacles from the machine.

By consolidating parts and optimizing them for 3D printing, Ellis says Relativity will be able to go from raw materials to the launch pad in just 60 days—in theory, anyway.

Then the company can start to address the other questions about its approach, such as whether there’s a need for a new rocket to pop into existence every 60 days.

Fully assembled, Terran-1 will stand about 100 feet tall, and be capable of delivering satellites weighing up to 2,800 pounds to low Earth orbit.

Ellis, 29, and his cofounder, 26-year-old Jordan Noone, have been building rockets since college, where they worked on theUniversity of Southern California’s prestigious rocketry teambefore taking jobs atBlue OriginandSpaceX.

To print a large component, such as a fuel tank or rocket body, the printer feeds miles of a thin, custom-made aluminum alloy wire along the length of an arm to its tip, where a plasma arc melts the metal.

The arm then deposits the molten metal in thin layers, orchestrating its movements according to patterns programmed in the machine’s software.

Meanwhile, the printer head at the tip of the arm blows out a non-oxidizing gas to create a sort of “clean room”

The Stargate printers work well when you need to print large parts quickly, but for parts that require more precision, such as the rocket’s engine, Relativity uses the same commercially available metal 3D printers that other aerospace companies use.

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