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Sonasoft Corp (SSFT) Signs Letter of Intent (LOI) to Acquire Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company, Hotify Inc.

If the tentative merger should progress, then the following value-add will benefit both companies: “The acquisition of Hotify perfectly fits our strategy to excel in the enterprise space with AI,” said Frank Velasquez, CEO of Sonasoft.  “As announced last November, Sonasoft already has successfully entered the market with an AI-based customer service solution for a Fortune 1000 tech company, but this acquisition will put us into a whole new level.”  “We are enthusiastic about the potential that Hotify could bring,” said Neil Kumar Khanna, Vice President of Client Services and Operations of Sonasoft.  “The value from potential sales, new markets, proprietary IP, a stellar engineering team as well as seasoned leadership in AI and software development will thrust the Company into a new space.  We now have the potential to create revenue in line with other enterprise software companies.  The possibilities are endless.  With the acquisition of Hotify, the Company will be a force to reckon with, and our future looks incredibly bright.”  “Our time to market was perfect,” said Ankur Dinesh Garg, CEO of Hotify.  “We launched our AI cloud-based platform, at the same time that Gartner recognized AI PaaS as a leading emerging technology.

The AI market continues to grow exponentially.  IDC forecasts that spending on AI and machine learning will grow to $57.6 billion by 2021.   Hotify’s AI has positioned itself as a front runner in this explosive industry with AI solutions already successfully installed in several global enterprise-level accounts with a high success rate.  Our focus on a customer self-service offering that allows our artificial intelligence to significantly improve the customer experience while lowering costs has positioned us to rapidly grow in the enterprise space.  The merger with Sonasoft will enable us to rapidly grow in this key market.  Sonasoft has a proven sales team and access to many enterprise accounts, which will be able to accelerate our reach and win a significant share of this rapidly expanding market.” The Company has a number of exciting initiatives at various stages of progression, including R&D, strategic partnerships, additional acquisition targets, and the continued marketing and sales drive of its artificial intelligence technology.

China developing battlefield AI for high-technology warfare

A Chinese military newspaper has outlined how the People’s Liberation Army plans to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) for its forces in future high-technology warfare.

“Through gunpowder smoke in war, we can perceive that today, war fighting has evolved from bloody struggle for storming castles and capturing territories in the uncivilized and barbaric age into information-driven precision decapitation operations and intense contests in the domain of high intelligence,”

“In future warfare, the force that enjoys algorithm superiority will be able to rapidly and accurately predict the development of the battlefield situation, thus coming up with the best combat-fighting methods and achieving the war objective of ‘prevailing before battle starts,’”

The report said Russian forces in Syria conducted an operation in late 2015 using six unmanned tracked combat vehicles, four unmanned wheeled combat vehicles and one unmanned aerial vehicle to assault an Islamic State target.

“Victories in AI warfare will be scored through bringing forward the time of issuing early warnings, shortening the period of decision-making and extending operational actions, thus producing the effects of making pre-emptive deployments and launching pre-emptive attacks,”

Using a large number of robots in clustered operations “may produce extremely huge power that exceeds a nuclear weapon’s explosion,”

Another significant disclosure is that adversaries have penetrated critical infrastructure such as electrical grids and communications networks for what the intelligence threat report said were plans to “hold [them] at risk”

It was the first time the intelligence community has publicly stated that China and Russia, in particular, have conducted cyberforays inside computer networks that are used to control critical infrastructure.

The report said, “As we connect and integrate billions of new digital devices into our lives and business processes, adversaries and strategic competitors almost certainly will gain greater insight into and access to our protected information.”

Russian cybercapabilities also pose a significant threat, with the intelligence community describing Moscow as “a highly capable and effective adversary, integrating cyber espionage, attack and influence operations to achieve its political and military objectives.”

“Moscow is now staging cyber attack assets to allow it to disrupt or damage U.S. civilian and military infrastructure during a crisis and poses a significant cyber influence threat,”

Iranian cyberattacks could cause localized, temporary disruptions of corporate computer networks, similar to the cyberattacks carried out against Saudi Arabia in 2016 and 2017, U.S. analysts warned.

“The growing availability and use of publicly and commercially available cyber tools is increasing the overall volume of unattributed cyber activity around the world,”

One of those systems is the Nudol, a direct-ascent, anti-satellite missile that has been tested at least six times, including a possible flight test in September, according to American defense officials.

Luxembourg to be the first European country to create an artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with NVIDIA

The national AI collaboration, the first with NVIDIA in Europe, is a milestone towards working together to solving society’s most important challenges using artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

To further the government’s goal to catalyze collaboration and enable innovative initiatives, Digital Luxembourg kickstarted this project to open up new resources to Luxembourg’s innovation and research ecosystem.

Digital Luxembourg has proven once again that it can provide the leverage our innovators need to reach for something big: AI research with NVIDIA’s direct help is big,' noted Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who added that 'our country is proud to be the first European country to create an AI partnership with NVIDIA.'

'In the post-Moore’s law era, NVIDIA’s technology has become an indispensable tool for scientists and researchers seeking to accelerate and deploy the power of AI and high performance computing,' said Jaap Zuiderveld, NVIDIA Vice President of Sales and Marketing EMEAI.

This will allow them to both identify new application areas and to push ahead with existing work, from our use of drones for automated airplane and bridge inspections to the analysis of genomes and mobile health sensor data.

Digital Luxembourg strives to push further Luxembourg’s digital frontrunner status, notably by supporting strategic actors and kick-starting strategic projects that drive cutting-edge technological developments in Luxembourg.

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