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His research interests focus on game-tree search and two-player games, including computer Go, Monte-Carlo tree search, depth-first proof-number search and graph history interaction (GHI).

The veteran program Explorer was developed along with Anders Kierulf and Ken Chen and played eight Computer Olympiads from 1989 until 2005, two times winning Gold medals.

, co-authored by Markus Enzenberger, Broderick Arneson, Richard Segal, Gerald Tesauro and Arpad Rimmel (since 2010), won the Gold medal at the 14th Computer Olympia in 9x9 Go, as well the Silver medal in 19x19 Go [4]

What is the Minimax Algorithm? - Artificial Intelligence

The minimax algorithm is one of the oldest artificial intelligence algorithms ever. It uses a simple zero sum rule to find which player will win from a current ...

What is Monte Carlo Tree Search? - Artificial Intelligence

Monte Carlo Tree Search is a search technique in Artificial Intelligence. This has recently been used by Artificial Intelligence Programs like AlphaGo, to play ...

Algorithms Explained – minimax and alpha-beta pruning

This video covers the minimax search algorithm, as well as how it can be sped up using alpha-beta pruning. Pseudocode: ..

A Smart Move: AI & strategy games

Two UAlberta computing scientists discuss the application of artificial intelligence on games of strategy in the public lecture "A Smart Move." Ryan Hayward ...

Killer Moves - Artificial Intelligence

The alpha-beta algorithm can be enhanced using Killer moves. The idea and implementation is discussed here. Prerequisites: Alpha Beta Pruning.

Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) Tutorial

Learn more advanced front-end and full-stack development at: The Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) is a search algorithm ..

mcts visualization

A visialization of two slightly different MCTS engines selecting moves for a game of Hex.

🎶The AI Sees When You're Key Mashing🎶

It knows when you're awake It knows if you've been rand or not So be rand for Skynet's sake. Source Code of the Language Detecting Neural Network: ...

Super-Human AI for Strategic Reasoning

Poker has been a challenge problem in game theory, operations research, and artificial intelligence for decades. As a game of imperfect information, it involves ...

Monte Carlo Tree Search

This is a video I made for my class "CS310: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence" at the University of Strathclyde. The video has a brief description of the Monte ...