AI News, Here's That Extra Pair of Robot Fingers You've Always Wanted

Here's That Extra Pair of Robot Fingers You've Always Wanted

Humans are tired of being constrained to the number of limbs and digits that we were genetically coded for, which is why we were so excited to hear about the pending availability of that extra pair of robotic arms we've always wanted.

Because with seven fingers on each hand, we have the potential to be 40 percent more efficient at typing, and you would get seven articles on robots per week instead of the usual five!

The fingers are apparently very easy to use, since they're controlled by the movements of your biological fingers, relying on sensor inputs to make an assistive grasping motion whenever they sense you trying to do the same.

It's nice to hear that in addition to the extra sensors, the researchers (from Harry Asada's lab, the same place that is working on the supernumerary robotic arms) already have an eye towards usability:

And you know, maybe one day, we'll have the technology to take these robotic arms and robotic fingers and remove the human from the loop entirely, creating some sort of robotic arm with robotic fingers on it that doesn't rely on being attached to a human to perform tasks.