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Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix In June 2019

June is a big month for superhero fans on Netflix, as the third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones will debut on the streaming service (on a date to be announced).

Also coming to Netflix next month are Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, and Sony’s Oscar-winning animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (swinging in June 26).

Fans who were devastated when ABC canceled Designated Survivor can rejoice: The third season will be ready to binge June 7 as President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) is ready to launch his campaign amid ethical quandaries, international incidents, and a new terrorism threat at home.

Check out the full list of what’s coming to Netflix in June below.

(And find out what’s leaving here.) June 1 Arthdal

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Everything Coming To Netflix In June 2019 – Includes ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Jessica Jones’, and More!

With Spider-Man: Far From Home only a month away, Marvel fans may be craving their next superhero fix.

That is why June will be the perfect month to hold fans over until the web-slinger travels abroad.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will conclude the Netflix Marvel television show saga with its third and final season.

All we know is that we are excited about the sassy private eye’s last outing.

Returning to Netflix on June 5th will be the critically acclaimed Black Mirror season 5.

Season 5 will contain three episodes, two of which will star Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen.

Another exciting Netflix Original coming to the small screen on June 7th is I Am Mother.

The film takes place in a dystopian future as a robot “Mother,” voiced by Rose Byrne (Neighbors &

Mother raises a teenage girl in an underground facility, and the girl soon discovers that Mother is hiding a horrifying truth from her.

Everything Coming To Netflix In June 2018

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