AI News, Here’s what you missed at Gigaom’s ‘Future of AI’ meetup

Here’s what you missed at Gigaom’s ‘Future of AI’ meetup

Last week, Gigaom held a sold-out meetup in San Francisco featuring some of the biggest names in artificial intelligence and deep learning.

While acknowledging the big role deep learning models made in helping make it possible, he also notes some of the lingering shortcomings of current approaches and touches on the relationship between speech recognition and natural language processing.

John Platt, a distinguished scientist and manager of the machine learning group at Microsoft Research, discusses decades worth of artificial intelligence research and explains how and why today’s approaches — which are based on earlier work — are finally proving so effective.

Essentially, he argues, while systems that are better than ever at classifying images or words are great, they’re still not “intelligent.” He describes work underway to build systems that can truly understand content, including one capable of passing fourth-grade short-answer exams.

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