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Stanford Seminar - "Leela: a Semantic Intelligent Agent"

EE380: Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar "Leela: a Semantic Intelligent Agent" Speaker: David Henkel-Wallace, About the talk: Leela is a ...

The Jennylyn Show - Artificial Intelligence

David Henkel-Wallace talks about Artificial Intelligence and the many ways it will enhance and change the world. This program was aired on KMVT15 ...

Henkel AI TCS Center Test


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Success Stories - NPC [IoT Summit 2017]

The session was part of NASSCOM Product Conclave 2017 held in Bangalore. Speaker: Ganesh Parthasarathy (Head Of Customer Success - IOT Analytics ...

ignio - Artificial Intelligence for IT

ignio is a cognitive automation solution that predicts and prevents IT outages before they happen. It rapidly identifies root causes and automates routine tasks.

Industrial IoT Application : Success story (Henkel & Flutura)

Source: Nasscom Product Conclave 2016 Henkel, a customer of Flutura has implemented Cerebra Industrial ..

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Bot

This is an artificial intelligence demonstration video, The robot can automatically answer questions through training.