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Two AI robots Sophia & Han debate the future of humanity - Rise 2017

To Anyone who wonders who is the "hippie" on stage. According to Wiki, this amazing human is called Ben Goertzel (born December 8, 1966 in Rio de Janeiro, ...

Sophia the Robot by Hanson Robotics

Meet Sophia the Robot and follow her journey as she travels and learns about the world. Sophia is Hanson Robotics' most advanced human-like robot, created ...

Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

Jimmy Fallon demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including an eerily human robot named Sophia that plays rock-paper-scissors. Subscribe NOW ...

Robot Sophia & Dr. Hanson Interview at CES 2018

Jake Rossman sits down with Sophia the Robot, and her creator, Dr. Hanson of Hanson Robotics. Dr. Hanson has been focusing on building humanoid robots ...

Interview With The Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia (Full) | CNBC

CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin interviews Sophia, a humanoid robot, about the future of artificial intelligence at a Future Investment Institute panel in Saudi Arabia ...

Hanson Robotics - Sophia AI Human-Like Robot Demonstration [1080p]

For my Subscribers & other People that would like to support my Military Channel for my hard work & dedication all these years, please donate to my PayPal ...

Will Smith Tries Online Dating

Things get awkward when Will meets Sophia the Robot for an intimate conversation in the Cayman Islands. SUBSCRIBE: Thanks to ..


Interview with David Hanson, Founder and CEO, Hanson Robotics at the AI for Good Global Summit, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland.

Sophia Hanson Robotics | Meet your new buddies but wait they are no HUMANS | 2018

"Hanson Robotics" is the company who developed the Sofia. Check out - Sophia has 62 different facial and neck mechanisms to ..

Meet the Robots of Hanson Robotics

We bring robots to life. Hanson Robotics is an AI company devoted to research, robotics and the creation of the world's most remarkable and lifelike humanoids.