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The World of Coding – It’s more than just sitting at a computer

use Python and Git every day, the main skills I use are problem solving and thinking logically to try and understand where the code might be going wrong.

A very simple example would be in a call centre where a computer will ask a series of questions and use voice recognition to ensure you are directed to the right operator.

A more complex example is automatically calculating measurements on heart scans so that doctors can quickly analyse scans and diagnose patients.

The equation 2^n = 7 billion seems obvious now, but at age 8 it was fascinating, and the first time I remember being really excited about a problem.

As I grew up, I continued to be interested in these types of questions but it wasn’t until studying math at university that I discovered that computers could be used to help answer these questions much more quickly.

had the opportunity to enter Hackspace, a six-month hobby competition for graduates and apprentices that brings together teams from different engineering disciplines to create a robot that can complete a series of tasks.

Determined that we could do better, we entered again the following year, designing a 2D plotter that could draw pictures from scalable vector graphics (SVG) files, draw a line down a path and solve a dot-to-dot puzzle using computer vision.

Because of the experience Hackspace gave me, I was invited to be part of the team to design and create Gromitronic, an animated and interactive Gromit designed for the Gromit Unleashed 2 sculpture trail in Bristol, UK.

After working in a small team on a well-maintained project for over two years, I decided I needed a new challenge and moved to a legacy project with over four million lines of code.

We developed a strategy that divided the search area into a grid and a central manager that assigned drones new tasks based on their priority.

Northrop Grumman provides exciting career opportunities for people with a wide variety of interests, talents, and skills, including data science.

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