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SHOWCASES All shortlisted nominations will have the opportunity to showcase at either a virtual or live showcase depending on location.

Running H2O: Scalable Machine Learning on KubeFlow (Cloud Next '18)

At, we're working to bring H2O-3 and Driverless AI to Kubeflow, so it can run across open hybrid infrastructure. H2O and Driverless AI provide best of ...

Salesforce CRM Einstein & Zoho Zia Artificial Intelligence Grows Sales

Salesforce has rolled out Einstein and Zoho recently launched Zia, both to apply Artificial Intelligence to help marketers and salespeople grows sales.

Introducing Cloud AutoML

Cloud AutoML is a suite of Machine Learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high quality models by ...

Creating Value in Enterprise Imaging with Analytics, AI and Reporting [Healthcare IT]

Take a deep dive on how healthcare analytics, multimedia reporting, and artificial intelligence (AI) add value to medical enterprise imaging platforms.

Cloud AutoML Vision with Amy Unruh and Sara Robinson: GCPPodcast 109

Original post: Amy Unruh and Sara Robinson join the ..

Creating Custom Machine Learning Models using AutoML Translate - Take5

Google's Translation API can be an easy solution to translations but what happens when you need to create custom translations? Join Elias and Prakash as they ...

Insta-Stories Demo Bonus - AI Software Create Stunning Stories in Minutes

Insta-Stories Demo Bonus - AI Software Create Stunning Stories in Minutes: Quick Overview: ..

From Zero to ML on Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Next '18)

Today we're seeing revolutionary changes in hardware and software that are democratizing machine learning (ML) and making it accessible to any developer or ...