AI News, GWU Pet Project Means Your Dog Really, Really Wants a Robot

GWU Pet Project Means Your Dog Really, Really Wants a Robot

What dogs do care about is going for walks, playing fetch, and getting fed, and in an effort to appeal to the canine user demographic, students at George Washington University are hard at work teaching their PR2 robot to be your dog's new best friend.

The challenge behind the dog food delivery scenario is teaching a robot to transport an object with a potentially unstable center of mass, like a big bag of dog food that is full of kibbles n' bits that shift around as the robot moves.

moving unstable objects is one of those things that robots are going to have to be able to do reliably in order to be useful around the house, whether it's bringing your K-9 some chow or serving breakfast in bed like in my future robot fantasies.

Michelle Obama's Melania Trump Diss Shows Just How Bitter This Election Is

“You have to be very careful in what you say.” While researching my book, First Women, about the modern first ladies, I found that there is a camaraderie among these women, from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, who have stood by their husbands all the while being expected to play the role of the perfect wife, mother and role model.

So, no sympathy!” When Colbert brought up Melania cribbing from Michelle’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech during her remarks at the Republican National Convention, the first lady smiled and then deadpanned: “Yeah, that was tough.” If Hillary Clinton was running against Jeb Bush, or almost any Republican candidate other than Donald Trump, I doubt the Obamas would be devoting themselves to getting Clinton elected in such an ambitious and unprecedented way.

“There were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years, up through this very day, whether my husband was even born in this country,” the First Lady said at her first campaign stop for Hillary Clinton (it was only last week that Trump acknowledged that Obama was born in the U.S.) During her passionate remarks, she called Donald Trump “erratic and threatening” without ever using his name.

“We could say it’s just the way Washington works,” a former Obama official told me, “but she has a way of letting you know that that is no excuse.” In the White House, friends said, Michelle feels that critics are waiting to pounce on her for one misstep.

How to Clicker Train a Cat

Do this a few times, but remember to say 'Sit' (or whatever command you choose) while you are holding the treat over his head, making him sit down.Please don't force your cat to sit by pressing down on his rump.

It's okay to give a gentle pad or push if he has already learnt most of the trick already, but forcing the animal in a specific position like that against its will, will only result in a negative association with the trick, and will not benefit you at all - quite the opposite!

Obviously its important that the cat is already standing before you ask him to sit, but even if he sits before you hold his hand over his head, but after you said sit, click, treat and praise for a good job!

He might not do it because of the command at this stage, but as long as he learns a connection between the command and his own action, he will eventually figure it out.Remember not to hold the treat too far over his head, or he might just jump up after it.

For that, you will need to eventually stop with the hand gesture, by slowly reducing it and using the verbal command more than the gesture, and eventually only click and treat if he is able to sit without the hand gesture.However, as with people, cats are different in regards to learning.


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School Board Meeting, January 16, 2018.

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