AI News, Guest Article: Machine learning is already transforming the business world — Klemen Kozelj

Guest Article: Machine learning is already transforming the business world — Klemen Kozelj

A desire to predict the future has been inherent within the human race from the very beginning.

No matter what civilisation you research, sooner or later you will encounter the specific rituals and methods they used in order to try to predict the future.

For example, some used to read their data from the night sky, written in the form of star constellations and inside their toolboxes would be paper rolls containing scribbles of astrological signs and perhaps a telescope.

– a computer system which is modelled on the human brain and nervous sytem – could be heard only in specialised academic circles, but these days this is one of the most popular buzzwords in the modern IT industry.

As a result, organisations are finding new ways of overcoming problems and innovating on a practical level – thus transforming the business world in ways that people 10 years ago could only ever imagine.

Taking a real-life example, if a company’s human resources department used artificial intelligence to evaluate potential candidates based purely on their skills, without the influence of human judgement, it would give the organisation more choice in terms of the talent available to them.

Sadly, this means that people simply do not have the ability to manually process even small datasets, never mind identifying and extracting complex patterns from data.

He works in the company’s mobility and travel department, and is involved in a number of fascinating projects including one which applies machine learning to a bicycle-sharing system. 

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