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that reveal patterns of activity that indicate a scheme to prevent identification;

transfers of funds related to (i)deposits, electronic transfers, checks, among others, and (ii)issuance of checks, payment orders, among others, in amounts greater than R$1,000.00;

cards that allow the identification of transactions in amounts greater than R$100,000.00 or which reveal patterns of activity that indicate a scheme to prevent identification;

pension companies, (entidades abertas de previdência complementar), cooperative companies (sociedades cooperativas), including those authorized to provide reinsurance services, in particular, (1)the monitoring of

1999, as amended, or CVM Instruction No.301, establishes, among other obligations, that persons who engage in, on a permanent or occasional basis, as a main or ancillary activity, cumulatively or not, the custody, issuance, distribution,

settlement, trade, intermediation, consultancy or management of bonds or securities, and independent audit within the scope of the stock exchange market must adopt rules, procedures and internal controls in accordance with previously and

expressly established procedures to confirm the registration information of its clients, keep such information updated and monitor the transactions carried out thereby, so as to prevent the use of the account by third parties and identify the end

beneficiaries of the transactions, such entities shall also identify and closely monitor the business relations maintained with politically exposed person.

those from countries with which Brazil has a large volume of financial and commercial transactions, common borders or ethnic, linguistic or political proximity;