AI News, Google's march to the business of war must be stopped | Lucy Suchman, Lilly Irani and Peter Asaro

Google's march to the business of war must be stopped | Lucy Suchman, Lilly Irani and Peter Asaro

At one extreme there is the example of Freddie Oversteegen, a hero of the Dutch resistance, who as a 14-year-old-girl used to pick up German soldiers and collaborators in bars, lure them into the woods, and once in a secluded spot shoot them dead.

Long after the war, she told an interviewer that when seeing a man she had just shot fall, “you want to help them to get up”.

Quite probably, traditional empathy and common sense is all that’s needed in the job at present – or it would be, were it not for the worry that computers will soon be able to direct killing without any human operators in the loop at all.

While there has been – since 1945 – a clear understanding that soldiers should not obey illegal orders, decisions for the most part are made by their human superiors.

We have seen what happens on stock markets when automatic trading programs fall into a destructive pattern and cause “flash crashes”.

There’s little sign that we will draw back from the brink, despite warnings from computer scientists that this automation is a revolution in warfare comparable to the invention of gunpowder or nuclear weapons.

Think instead of the underpaid and under-supported human moderators employed by Facebook and Google to watch and react to hours of video footage of cruelty or atrocity ranging from child abuse images to murder and filmed in far more detail than a drone operator will ever see.

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