AI News, Google X Balloons Will Circle the Earth to Deliver Internet

Google X Balloons Will Circle the Earth to Deliver Internet

A ring of balloons circling the Earth could begin delivering Internet service to mobile phone users in theSouthern Hemisphere sometime in 2015.

“In the next year or so we should have a semi-permanent ring of balloons somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere,” he told the audience.Google hopes its solar-powered balloons can use the LTE protocol of cell phones to provide wireless Internet at a rate of 5 megabits per second to mobile users—or as much as 22 Mbps to fixed antennas, according toTechnology Review.

The Internet giant has either direct ownership or at least a strong stake in most of the five technological optionspreviously highlighted byIEEE Spectrumas being capable of delivering wireless Internet services to the most remote corners of the Earth.

That means the five billion people still living offline might soon get to choose between two of the world's largest technology giants as their Internet providers.

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