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The report, published by the EC’s expert group on artificial intelligence, sets out basic ethical principles governing the use of AI, as well as seven key requirements to be met for machine learning tools to meet an EU-wide standard and ensure they remain “human centric”.

The seven key requirements for trustworthy AI as set out in the report are: human agency and oversight, technical robustness and safety, privacy and data governance, transparency, diversity, non-discrimination and fairness, environmental and societal well-being and accountability.

The EC report urged organisations using AI to: “Acknowledge that, while bringing substantial benefits to individuals and society, AI systems also pose certain risks and may have a negative impact, including impacts which may be difficult to anticipate, identify or measure (e.g.

Google finds AI raises ethical questions we struggle to answer

When an organisation establishes an ethics committee, the decision acknowledges that existing people and processes do not meet critical challenges.

Having decided that it needed to explore the implications of its work with artificial intelligence, the company attracted fierce criticism for appointing to its new AI ethics committee the head of a rightwing think-tank and the chief executive of a drone company.

Because AI remains an experiment that can cross the line between objective data crunching and moral decision-making, it raises ethical issues that those working in the area may be unable to judge.

The speed at which technology moves today, together with the scale on which it operates, means that learning by trial and error carries social and political risks that can’t be quantified, as well as financial risk that can.

An ethics committee should contain a representative group of disinterested individuals who are capable of crafting a consensus around what is socially acceptable, not just technically feasible.

Participants must be adroit thinkers capable of listening and learning critically, open to expert information but wedded to no particular technology, company strategy or ideology.

Their job is to assess the ethical implications of new applications of AI and to protect and defend the interests of those using or on the receiving end of emerging technologies.

But for such principles to have real teeth, all applications of AI should be scrutinised by ethics committees whose members are independent and representative enough to ensure that the public trusts them.

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