AI News, Google Is Funding the Creation of Robot Journalists (VIDEO) artificial intelligence

Google funds the creation of robot journalists

"RADAR" will be able to write up to 30000 news stories a month — but how is that going to work? Learn more about this story at Find ..

The Rise of AI

There's an AI revolution sweeping across the world. Yet few people know the real story about where this technology came from and why it suddenly took off.

The robot reporters are coming

There are robot lizards, robot soldiers, creepy humanoid robots and now robot reporters. Computer algorithms are automatically writing news articles like these ...

Artificial Intelligence: Practice and Implications for Journalism

We have witnessed the first wave of artificial intelligence (AI) in journalism in the form of chatbots, automated story generation, and machine learning techniques ...

Talk with Anne-Marie Tomchak, UK Editor at Mashable, about AI, news bots, and automated journalism

Talk with Anne-Marie Tomchak, UK Editor at Mashable, about AI, news bots, and automated journalism — #GENsummit Video by Tom Franklin.

Something Crazy Happening Toyota Funds $100 Mill To Robotics

Toyota seeks more investment in Israeli auto tech robotics Nov 5th Watch more videos here Subcribe Share, Comment Japan ..

Artificial Intelligence robot CIMON is in space helping astronauts

SpaceX Dragon carried an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot named CIMON to the ISS. CIMON stands for 'Crew Interactive Mobile Companion' and is the first-ever ...

Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Journalism

Please support us by sharing our video I hope you enjoy watching the video. Ksu students: Abeer Alghanim Rawan Albuwaired Dalia AbuHaimed.

The Electome: Where political journalism meets AI

Built at the Laboratory for Social Machines (LSM) with support from Twitter and Knight Foundation, The Electome is a data project aimed at improving journalism ...

This Might Be the Most Life-Like (And Creepiest) Robot Ever Built

Bloomberg's Hello World host Ashlee Vance recently traveled to Osaka University to see Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro's latest creation, an android named Erica ...