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Google heralds a new era of 'Deployed AI' to transform businesses - SiliconANGLE

Google LLC today declared that the use artificial intelligence has entered a new era, as companies move on from simply conceptualizing what the technology can potentially do to actually using it to elevate their businesses.

“This encourages an ongoing cycle of refinement, allowing you to continually optimize results while reinforcing trust with your users.” Moore cited the example of Google customer Unilever Plc., which operates more than 400 consumer product brands and boasts more than a billion customers worldwide.

“Using a broad range of consumer insights alongside Google Cloud AI tools such as translation, visual analytics, and natural language processing, Unilever is generating insights faster than ever before and gaining an entirely new understanding of what their customers care about,” Moore said.

“ The campaign reached nearly 500 million people across multiple continents, generating measurably positive uplift in brand engagement and consideration in the process.” Another example of a successful Deployed AI strategy comes from Meredith Corp., which operates the recipe website and other media brands.